My new DIY Arduboy with SSD1309 screen and FX + how to build

How I build this one
Arduboy DIY with FX -

Due to long vacation in my country. I have time to build this one :smiley:

for more review (in Thai language)

After engrave :smiley:


You did a great job. Thank you for sharing!

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Very nice! Compact build with the big screen and well designed case!

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That’s really well done. What are the dimensions? It looks somewhere in size between an FX and a mini.

I have only just noticed that you flashed it with a PPOT cart. Nice! :slight_smile:

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The dimension is 69mm x 48.33mm x 21.31mm .
PPOT cart theme is really awesome. :smiley:

I decided to make instruction.
over here:
Arduboy DIY with FX -