My Pro Micro Clone

I got this in and put it together. PCB

I have this on on order now PCB

The double pin holes for the Pro Micro is because some of the clone versions on Aliexpress are wider than others.


Looks great. You should think about making one where you can mount the screen vertically or horizontally. That way you can play awesome games like 1943 The Battle of Midway (shamless plug) in the correct orientation. Is it a ‘simple case’ of have two sets of pin holes at right angles to each other?

Have you reversed the A and B buttons or is it mis-printed?

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I was working off of someone else PCB (made a few changes) so the buttons are just what they had… But they are labeled correctly.

I don’t have an actual Arduboy so I didn’t know the difference.

:slight_smile: Right. I am guessing there are very few games that rely on their correct positioning.

Those PCBs are for 0.96" screen?
I don’t like the processor in the fronte side, but the massive battery is a pro
The horizontal layout pcb have processor, charging circuit and battery in the back side? I love that one!

May I ask whose?
I think it would be a bit discourteous not to credit them.

It’s nicely designed and made by the way.
Odd that there’s two USB ports though.

I think I’d like to try the horizontal configuration, I’ve always preferred the GBA to the GB.

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The user was ondrej_d on EasyEDA. I have his name on my project over there.

The second USB is a LiPo Charger. The original used a 3032 LiPo and I wanted something larger.
I got these batteries on Ebay for $3.85 each x 10.

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I got a 3d printer and designed a case.

Here are the STL files



Great game choice!  

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It’s a Good Game :slight_smile:

How thick is your ‘Arduboy’ ?

Top usb is the ProMicro
Lower is Lipo charger

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Two versions of 1943! Nice.


Call me mad, but i want try to fit my clone in this.


YOU’RE MAD! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ma’ man! :rofl:
I’m going to make it as small as i can and you confirm me my dream can be true! :joy:

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WOW … thats the best thing ive seen so far… how much you want for one?