My slightly bigger Arduboy

Hello there

I would like to share my attempt at creating my own arduboy.
I received a lot of help from the community, and helpef myself with the available schematics to make a KICAD design.

I definitely didn’t achieved the small form factor of the original - it is roughly 1cm taller and 1cm wider - I might have overengineered few things and it required bit more space, but also I’m not as proficient in routing traces - but that’s ok, it sits firmly in hand, it is fits in a pocket so I’m fine with it.

I put 750mAh LiPo in it, so I got plenty of run time (didn’t have to charge it yet, after a week of playing).

After seeing many of homemade creations here, I sadly have to admit that I neither did anything revolutionary or unique - still, my goal was to learn kicad design and smd soldering, while getting a cool handheld game in the process.

Current status of the project - I have confirmed that it does indeed work, I am able to flash (recompiled) games to it, I can build flashcart and upload it without problems - the controls, audio and LEDs seem to be working fine too. So I guess it’s a huge success.

Since I wasn’t sure it would work at all, I added two big pads for 5V and GND at the top, so in case arduboy wouldn’t run I could use the PCB as LiPo-Charger and 5V-Boost for other projects :smiley:

What’s not so cool is getting the games - since this design differs from the official arduboy, I need to recompile each game - big thanks for the Homemade Arduboy package for making that possible in the first place!