My solution for Arduboy protection

I’ve discovered (the hard way,) that although Arduboy and its Micro Arcade siblings are very pocketable, they’re not the strongest things.
I recently broke my Tetris whilst in my pocket. All it needs is a screen, which is a simple “plug-in” fix, but I have so far been unable to find a replacement.

So that my Arduboy and Atari micro arcade don’t meet the same fate I have come up with this as a prevention, as a cure cannot be found.

:uk: (I recently saw a post requesting flags to show where the poster is located)


I’m not 100% sure but I think the screen in the Tetris Microcard is the same as the one in the Arduboy: an SSD1306 via SPI.

Don’t quote me on that though, either @bateske (who I would assume was somehow involved in the design) or someone who owns a Microcard and is good at identifying hardware parts ought to be able to provide better clarification.

Correct (but an SSD1306, not 1305).

However, @Airfixer might have the Micro Arcade version of Tetris. In this case, the display is an ST7735 based 1.44" TFT 128x128 colour pixel display. These are readily available but I’m not sure about ones with the connector that that Micro Arcade uses. You might be able to shoehorn in one with a different connector, if you’re handy with soldering small wires.

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Sorry, to clarify it’s not an original Tetris micro card but one of the newer, Micro Arcade versions (with colour screen.)

I’ve trawled through AliExpress looking for a replacement screen, without success.


My finger slipped. I went back and edited it when I realised.

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Yippeeee I have the metalic case but unfortunately I do not have this micro console…:joy::rofl::sob::sweat_smile::laughing::grin:

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