Mysterious ringing sound on certain games?

Im just curious as to why games with recorded sounds have this annoying ringing sound playing in the background. Should the sound be stopped or something? Im very new and my computer is out commission so i cant look into the code.

I’m not really sure what you’re talking about what game does this?

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Ardletics and Arduboy Fighter. Any game that has synthesized sounds doesnt have this issue. There might be more but im not sure. I also just realized that both of these were made by the same person. I dont anyone to think im already critiquing peoples stuff so sorry about that.

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I was going to look into this but it seems @igvina isn’t sharing the source code so there’s no way of telling which sound library is being used.

It could be that just the standard arduino tone is being used instead of the Arduboy equivalent or something like that.

If it doesn’t happen on any other games then I think this might be a specific issue rather than a general issue.

I can’t test at the minute, but if other people can hear the ringing then it’s likely to be an issue with just those games, in which case it would be a perfectly valid critique.

(I hope you don’t mind but I changed the thread’s title to be a bit more descriptive. A specific question in the title will grab people’s attention better than a vague title.)

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