Mystic Balloon - 9th TEAM a.r.g. game (39 levels)


This is our ninth game for Arduboy. This one is made by @Gaveno , CastPixel @JO3RI and special thanks to Martian220 for creating level 31-39

Here you have a video:

Manual, media download and technical are all on our website:


Cool…Great! :grinning:


Another stunning TEAM A.R.G. game! I was wondering if this was going to come out sometime soon!


Holy shit your guys fit & finish is just going up up up. This looks amazing. How much CPU is this gaming engine using?


Haha. Thanks. It’s funny I never actually bothered to check CPU usage, it never appeared to slow down below 60 fps so I didn’t worry about it. If I get some time to check it I’ll see what it averages :slight_smile:

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Lol I’m playing two seconds and find a big bug…

When you jump up and balloon while holding the up button, letting the balloons go while still holding up will cause the game to be over.


Haha funny. We’ll fix that, but because I’m not home for a month, the fix won’t be uploaded before 16th of august :slight_smile:

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Thanks for pointing that out, @Ground7

The main branch will take a little bit to update. For now here is a link to my fork with the fix. This is currently set up for the retail Arduboy.


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For some reason I can’t figure out, I can’t get this to run on my retail unit. I’ve tried the official download and the patched one, both tell me the sketch is too big? Is there some step I’m missing?

Which version of the Arduino IDE are you using?

The patched version of Mystic Balloon is to big for me, also. The official one is just barely small enough using Arduino IDE V1.6.7, V1.6.8 and V1.6.9

I can offer a change that will make either version of the game smaller, so it will compile for the space available:

in file Arglib.h change line:

unsigned char sBuffer[(HEIGHT * WIDTH) / 8];


static unsigned char sBuffer[(HEIGHT * WIDTH) / 8];

In file Arglib.cpp add a line near the top:

#include "Arglib.h"

unsigned char Arduboy::sBuffer[]; // <-- add this line

Arduboy::Arduboy() { }

void Arduboy::start()
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IDE: 1.6.8
Board: 1.6.10

Remaining bytes: 38

We’re working on a hex loader to avoid this problem in the future. In the meantime I’ll update and implement the change @MLXXXp suggested.

Edit: Updated my fork with a the change and reduced math. Now compiling with IDE 1.6.9 Arduboy board. Free space 122 bytes.

Shouldn’t be any more space issues. That is a big save for a small change, @MLXXXp ! thank you!


Really amazing game.
I would just like to have the possibility to insert my highscore into a rank and also the option to start from a specific level (and not always from the first one) after I unlocked it.

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Thanks! I can get pretty aggressive playing such games. Your fix works just fine.

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@Lorenzo_Coltellacci If you take a picture of you high score and tweet it tagging @ArduboyScores and the hashtag #MYBL it will be featured on the TEAM arg website.

We did consider saving progress, but that would have taken quite a bit of space resulting in even less levels overall. Since there are only 20 we went this route.

When the next Arduboy comes out with an SD card I’d love to work on a sequel that has more levels and a save progress system :).

Interested in adding another level or two on Arduboy if the space could be freed up?

Great little game, one of the most impressive yet I’ve seen on the Arduboy !

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@Dreamer3 I think 20 is already quite a bit for a go without saving. There is a hard mode in the code with at least one level that is a little different. I think if I do more levels it will be in that style, a #define for which level set to use. Of course I might just release the level editor some time for people to make their own levels :slight_smile:

@NoeleyC thank you! Don’t forget to tweet your high score to have it featured on the TEAM arg website! :smiley:

Some old games would just restart back at the first level, except have enemies that move faster. That could be a space-conscious fix for continuous play in a lot of games. Not sure how effective it would be in this game, though.

Given any thought to a more diverse background tiling system?