Mystic Balloon - 9th TEAM a.r.g. game (39 levels)

(Gavin Atkin) #21

@Dreamer3 message me what you have in mind, we’ll chat :slight_smile:

(Pharap) #22

[quote=“Gaveno, post:18, topic:1983, full:true”] Don’t forget to tweet your high score to have it featured on the TEAM arg website! :smiley:

Is there anyway to get it featured without using twitter?

(Andrew Low) #23

Awesome game guys. Works great on my production Arduboy, but my dev kit seems to have problems if I click on the buttons too fast. I’m thinking maybe I need to do something to update my dev kit board in some way?

If I rapidly click the buttons, the game resets / crashes / hangs. [ONLY on Dev Kit]

[Edit - and just now I had trouble repeating it, but holding left while clicking the jump/balloon button rapidly caused the hang. I still think this is possibly a Dev Kit issue on my part]

Any hints on debugging this?

(Gavin Atkin) #24

@Roo I’ll try to replicate it on my devkit later and get back to you if I figure anything out. Sounds like a hardware issue more than anything.

@Pharap for now that is the only way.

(Pharap) #25

If that’s the only way, there would be no way for me to get my high score featured. Oh well.

(Gavin Atkin) #26

@Pharap are you having issues getting the tags to work?

(Pharap) #27

@Gaveno No, I just don’t have a Twitter account. And I don’t intend to create one any time soon.

(Gavin Atkin) #28

Small technical detail, but creating a free twitter account IS a way :wink: haha.

But in all seriousness I have been brain storming other options, but I don’t handle much of the web side of things for TEAM arg. Hopefully we (or the community) will be able to come up with an easy way for people to be involved with high scores for future Arduboy games.

(Kevin) #29

Another quality game from Team ARG!

Agree! Also we will be working on an ONLINE hex loader very soon, we want to make it be one-click to download games right from our website. works pretty well but it’s a walled garden. Look forward to seeing the OFFLINE hex loader from team arg. We think HEX are great for loading games, but still the source code is what keeps this open source platform alive!

Excellent work!

(Kevin) #30

Is it possible your fingers are touching the programming contacts on the back side of the board? If your hands get sweaty it’s possible to create a reset. If you’re pushing very rapidly my guess is you are gripping the board pretty tight and so that’s my best guess!

(Kevin) #31

I just read that origonal standup arcade pacman crashes when the level counter overflows at 256! Hell of an end game scenario!

(Pharap) #32

I don’t care if it’s gratis. I’m not going to sign up to Twitter just to post a score, it’s not worth the effort.

(Colin & James) #33

Another great game from Team A.R.G. Good work guys. We like this game so much we included it in our latest YouTube video - 5 Great Arduboy Games.


I uploaded the new version 1.1 with the bug fixes to our website:


Great game in the old school tradition… I’m enjoying it immensely.

I added a level selection feature so that you can choose the level you want to play and you don’t need to play from level 1 upon death or restart. In game.h just after this:

if (canPressButton)

if (pressKeyIsVisible) sprites.drawOverwrite(38, 29, badgePressKey, 0);


// allow level selection
if (arduboy.justPressed(RIGHT_BUTTON))
  if (level < TOTAL_LEVELS-1)
    sprites.drawSelfMasked(35, 4, badgeNextLevel, 0);
    drawNumbers(78, 13, FONT_BIG, DATA_LEVEL);

if (arduboy.justPressed(LEFT_BUTTON))
  if (level > 0)
    sprites.drawSelfMasked(35, 4, badgeNextLevel, 0);
    drawNumbers(78, 13, FONT_BIG, DATA_LEVEL);
// end allow level selection

And you will be able to press the LEFT / RIGHT joystick keys to choose the level you want to play on the screen after you choose the Play menu item.

Also, I noticed a bug when I continuously stood in the left facing spikes at the beginning of level four that hung the game. I made a small change to the levels.h file at the end of the checkCollisions() function:

// Spikes
if (!kid.isImune && bitRead(spikes[i].characteristics, 2) && arduboy.collide(playerRect, spikes[i].pos))
  if (kid.pos.y < spikes[i].pos.y) kid.speed.y = PLAYER_JUMP_VELOCITY;

  // level 4 wall spikes bug causes death hang.  this causes bounce away if you hit the spikes while jumping and avoids death hang in all instances
  kid.speed.x = max(min((kid.pos.x - spikes[i].pos.x - 2), 3), -3) << FIXED_POINT;

I haven’t extensively tested the change, but I no longer see the end of game hang now, so good enough for me. YMMV.

Both of these changes are based on the source downloaded from the TEAM a.r.g. website.



We released version 1.5 which now saves your progress AND adds 10 extra levels. You will need Arduino 1.6.10 or higher to upload this game.

(Gavin Atkin) #37

Version 1.5 also fixes the death hang in level 4 :wink:

If you find any other bugs, peilei please let us know!


Ah, very nice! I see some changes on some of the early levels too. Thanks for the update to a great game.


I received the arduboy yesterday. I wanted to see how to upload games and it went pretty well. Now I try to re-install Mystic Balloon which was install when I received it but i get the same error as NoeleyC, it says the sketch is too big and take 106% of the space. I download the game straight from the website so it’s the updated version, I even see that that the Arglib.h and Arglib.cpp are updated.

Any idea?


YES, download IDE 1.6.10 or higher it’s even stated at the place where you downloaded the game !

Have fun !!! :slight_smile: