Need Animators?

This is offtopic dont get mad. Ok some of you guys are artist and i thought “hey i need help with artist things” so any of you who will volunteer it’s a game about a chicken crossing a road trying not to get ht on its way.

Please be specific about what you are doing. Maybe it will help you find people to help you. :wink:


Yeah, I definitely think if you were more open about what you were looking for, people may be more willing to join in. :smiley:

If you’re looking to team up with someone, the category for that is #classifieds:help-wanted.

As @Vampirics said though, you’d have an easier time getting help if you’re specific about what kind of game you’re planning.

(Also it would be better if you’ve already got the game made using programmer art and you’re adding the fancy graphics in afterwards.)

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I assumed that Off Topic was used because the “artist things” weren’t related to an Arduboy project. I could be wrong, though.

I assumed it’s for a game given the close proximity (3 hours) between the posting of this thread and the posting of this other thread.


Your right it is a game realated plead but what I said was “Pm me for further details” but if you must know it’s for a game I’m building and I’m terrible with pixel art. And it’s off-topic because it’s not that important I guess.

What I meant is that you’d have more chance of having help if you said something about the themes or more information. For exemple I wouldn’t be interested in helping on a game about knitting penguins… Or would I?? Anyway you get the idea.


Ooo it could be a game where you need to knit sweaters for cold penguins by following a certain button pattern under a given timeline…
Kind of like Overcooked, but single player and less walking around :stuck_out_tongue: