Need help building my own Arduboy

(Hassan Akbar) #1

So i am a CS major with no electrical knowledge what so ever
Someone on these forums recommended me this
and i got everything as recommended by the original author however i don’t get one thing. He mentioned attaching a new resistor to charge the battery in the first video to the tp module so it charges the battery.

Can someone explain how would i do that?
I tried reaching the video author but haven’t gotten any response been a month now.

(Kevin) #2

You shouldn’t need to do anything special to charge the battery for the first time or at all. After soldering the wires to the battery charger module you should just be able to plug it into usb and good to go.

(Hassan Akbar) #3

the original author mentioned that the tp link charging module generates 1 amp while the battery needs 200mA and he mentioned changing a resistor to a 10k resistor.
I’m using a 310mA battery with the same module that generates 1amp

(Kevin) #4

Uh, he probably “intended” to do that in the beginning but thought it would be too hard or forgot, because I don’t see any modifications to that charging module.

To be honest, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. A battery that size and that kind of charging device won’t be a problem to combine together. It’s too small to have any kind of problem. Worst case scenario it won’t last as long because you are “quick charging” it, maybe only last 500 recharges instead of 1,000 something like that.

Source: I am not an engineer, but I have used lipo batterys and chargers from lots of random sources and never exploded one unless it was 42 volts.

(Erwin) #5

As @bateske says, it will work OK as is, it will just fast charge the lipo.

The resistor you might want to change is R3, the one connected to the “PROG” leg of the chip it controls the current.

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(Hassan Akbar) #6

thanks guys will report back if i loose an arm of leg :3

i’ll post my attempt at the build soon thank you lads.