Need help identifying a game

So in the arduboy magazine there was a game and someone I can’t remember sorry had built a controller and was playing the game using I don’t know the game but it looked like a old GTA game.

Are you thinking of the NES thing?
Or an Arduboy racing game?

(If anyone was playing GTA it would be at a convention because the Arduboy isn’t in colour.)

It was in one of the mags a person had mad a controller and was showing it off with that game as well as ink and some other one.

Why not look through all the issues on Issu?

Because they don’t tell you the names of the games.

If you post a picture, we’d be able to get more of an idea of what the heck you’re talking about.

The only controller thing that someone has made for the Arduboy that I’ve seen was on Adafruit by John Park.

Of course, this isn’t GTA at all. It’s Space Invaders.

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Dude!..Space Invaders is like GTA for old people😂


When I hear “old GTA,” I think of the GTA games that have over-head views. More specifically, the ones for handheld devices like the GBC.


This would be cool on the Arduboy, but I don’t know of anyone that has done a game like this.


I’m going on a hunt…now I think I spotted something GTA related when I was looking for something about a week ago but can’t remember where it was either pixel art or mention of an unfinished game.

Hey, remember that one movie, with the guy, with the hair?


I think so wasn’t it called Coneheads?

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I will go through the mags to see who did the artical

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The game on the bottom

You’re in luck, I know who did this.

Those are stills from this video, by @joonatoona.

The game is “Retro City Rampage DX”.
You can get it on Steam or on Console.


ArduController is a great application in general, I once used it as a auxiliary controller on bus simulator 2011 to open doors, apply handbrake etc.