Need help testing code

(Pharap) #21

Logo is off by 1 pixel in each axis because of sprites.drawSelfMasked(1,1,Logo,0);, but that’s easily fixed by swapping to sprites.drawSelfMasked(0,0,Logo,0);.

(Screen coordinates are 0-based, so they range from (0, 0) to (127, 63).)

After doing that the arrow needs adjusting too, to sprites.drawOverwrite(20,55,Arrow,0);.

Otherwise everything works as intended.

You’ll want to rethink the movement later though, moving one pixel every time you release a button isn’t exactly smooth movement.

(Thomas) #22

Okay I have fixed the Logo
I’m working on the movement atm to move when the button is pressed rather than every time the button is released.