Need help to develop KSboy (8-bits Kerbal Space Program)

Don’t forget to make sure you at least partly understand how it works,
enough to adapt it without it breaking even if you don’t yet fully understand what’s going on.


What did you use to generate the image?

BTW arduboy.drawBitmap(0, 0, Start, 127, 63); - the last two parameters are size and width. Is yours supposed to be 128 and 64?

yes it was that :slight_smile:
now im trying to insert clouds

A little idea of what i want
Ksp 8bits
8bit song

I’d recommend trying to brake the game up into parts. Maybe start with a moon lander game and then add a builder screen to modify the lander.

After that you can add more locations by changing the acceleration of gravity.

It’s better to focus on gameplay before you go thinking about music and art.
You might not even have space for music by the end.

Otherwise you’re going to end up with fancy graphics and music, but no gameplay.

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I have a problem i am trying to set an height value but numbers aren’t in the right angle
ps:i placed another code in github, it is the work in progress code with bugs, the problem is in the test code

Can you highlight the area of your code that’s giving you the problem?

If you’ve uploaded it to github, you can click on a line number and then on the ... icon that appears and it’ll give you a menu with a copy permalink option, which will put a link on your clipboard that links specifically to that line.
So then all you have to do it paste it in a comment.

Here is it:

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So what exactly is the problem?
You set the cursor to (0, 25), you print the value of the variable TEST and then you display it.

yes but its at 90 degrees

Oh, I see. I just ran the game.

For some reason you’re trying to make a game where people have to play with the Arduboy rotated 90 degrees?

In which case, the default Arduboy text printing isn’t designed to be used that way.

You’d have to write some custom text printing, which is probably a bit beyond you at the moment.

its beter to see the rocket :stuck_out_tongue:

it is possible to rotate it?

You are better off just making sprites of the text you need in the orientation you want instead. Just a thought…

There’s no built in way of rotating it because 90 degree games are so rare.

It’s possible to write some code that could draw 90 degree text, but like I say, it’s probably beyond what you can currently do, so it’s better to ask for someone else to write something like that.

I’d volunteer myself but I’m not sure if I’m going to have time, I’m balancing several projects already.

I have a sample font and application here which could be easily modified.

You would have to:

  • revamp all of the sprites to the correct rotation
  • change the write method to increase the y coordinate after you write each letter.
  • change the same write method to wrap text to the original y value and decrease the x value by a line when printing “\n”

The biggest task will be redrawing the sprites.

The link points to a 4x6 font. I also have a repository for a 3x5 font too.

yes but its a variable so i cant :disappointed_relieved:

ok i will test that

Shouldn’t be too difficult to get going.= if you’re graphically inclined. There is an Excel spreadsheet in the repo that shows you my font artwork. Rotate them and recalculate the sprites from it.

I took the 5x5 font here and converted it to an array of values here:

These should be able to be substituted in place of the values in Arduboy2’s glcdfont.c and give you characters printed rotated on to their side… problem is I have no idea which lines in glcdfont.c correspond to which characters because there are no nice friendly comments! :smile:

The only problem with replacing glcdfont.c is that it means the Arduboy2 lib has to be bundled with the game.

It’s probably easier to use a 3rd party library.

Sometimes I question if anybody truly knows.