Need help with arduboy games that will not compile properly

For a little while now the Arduino games will say that there is no such file or directory when you compile the game and I will be giving you a guide on how to fix that problem.(yes I know how to fix the problem).So when you install the game you go inside the zip folder and take the folder that was inside there and bring it back into your downloads(where the zip folder was located).Delete the zip folder so you are left with just a folder.Go inside the folder and you will see some files.Look for the .ino file and double click on it.Make sure that Arduino is installed or it will not work.It should ask you that the .ino needs to be inside a folder named “folder” and it will automatically create it.Move all of the files inside that folder.Then,go inside that folder and double click on the .ino file and compile the game.It should work compile and if it doesn’t compile properly then message me.

Hmm, this sounds like it might be the way you are approaching the IDE, or the way it is setup.

Specifically, the Arduino IDE requires the folder name for your project to be the same as the sketch file’s name. For example, if I am making a sketch called AlligatorCrossing.ino, this file should be in a directory also named AlligatorCrossing.

└── AlligatorCrossing.ino

See this StackOverflow link on the subject. I have been meaning to write a guide so one does not need the IDE, but have not had a chance.

Try Codebender

In order too bootstrap you, I might recommend the Codebender method for uploading games. Once you are confident that everything works with the unit. Then switch to the IDE.

I’ve created a detailed guide on how to install programs (sketches) into the Arduino IDE:

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