Need ideas for arduboy games?😃

For a little while now I have been thinking about good addictive games that everyone would like to play on the arduboy so here is the list:

COOKIE CLICKER a game where you click a cookie and you buy upgrades with the cookies

PAC MAN a game where you run around eating dots and ghosts are chasing you

JOKE MAKER a game when the arduboy randomly makes jokes each time you switch it on

PIXEL MINER a game where a miner mines pixels and you can get better machines to earn more pixels

JUMP a game where a platform moves and there is a ball which stays still and you have to jump onto the next platform

If you want you can create some of these games and put them up so they will be available to the public.


This is a set of ideas of games that could be applied to arduboy, I made while thinking that will inspire programmers or people looking for ideas. update it with more … because I think useful.
a great game I think you could also adapt thing is WIZARDRY comment while (I leave the link)



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if anyone could make these games that I listed above you will be a pretty good programmer.

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hahaha… great one :grinning: … you are trying to direct ppl to code games for you ??? why don’t you learn a bit and get us surprising with your skills? everyone will help you if stuck. go and give it a try :wink:

or offer money…

Maybe there should be a Bounty category? cc: @bateske

i don’t think that a bounty category would be a good idea because the spirit of this community is to bring out FREE games for everyone and improve your skills in coding and helping others to improve their skills. NOT to make money in any way !!!

Dogfriend is right.You shouldn’t have to pay for arduboy games.The whole point of making this community is because people are supposed to enjoy making games not sell them.

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I would love to see a recreation of Dig Dug, my fav arcade game.


HELL YEAH!!! why dont think about it!!! AN ARDUG

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Hey there : ) we have a #classifieds section.
I added a #classifieds:bounties section to the classifieds. We will see how it works out :smile: :wheel_of_dharma:. Payment should mainly be in internets, but I think that is implied. I’ll also be distributing badges as needed :smiley: :cop:.

Sorry for not coming back sooner…

@dogfriend and @ethancawse … I am definitely on your side around keeping the community open, free…

I was merely suggesting that if one wanted something done for them, they could entice someone else to do it with money instead of asking, demanding, or begging…

Thinking about this logically… So if you wanted something done to help move your game along or bring it to the masses, it would still give you the opportunity to carry on the spirit of the community by releasing what you paid for (either an in game asset or a game you want done) for free…

I am definitely not suggesting that everyone should pay for games…

Dang yes. I wish I had the time to learn programming. :sob: haha

@Micahdebick I started in 2013 with arduino and NO knowledge of coding what so ever … Shadow Runner - First conversion of a TEAM a.r.g. game is the first game I did on my own :slight_smile: I’m also co-organizer of

So … Don’t think you can’t do it. Just try stuff, split projects into really small parts, that’s how I did it.


Thanks man. Its not that I don’t think I can. I know I could learn if I just put the time into it. Time is just something I’m lacking being a student, co-business manager, and aspiring musician haha
Maybe I’ll try to put some of my limited free time to learning arduino code. And perhaps, in 3 years, I too can have something worth sharing!
Thanks for the encouragement though!

Also, do you have a suggestion of where to start for learning coding? Youtube, wikis, forums, software, books even?
Thank you!

Indeed I started just doing Arduino and these are the steps I did:

  • I bought an Arduino Uno starter kit and the Arduino cookbook.
  • I thought of a simple project first (4 led’s and 4 buttons for a “Simon says” game)
  • I split up the entire project into very small parts
  • and I just started tackling every part one by one
  • and finally I have put all little pieces together into one piece … a game :slight_smile:
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Why not make arduisland a survival island game!!!

A Tetris clone would be fantastic.

I know the Tetris Microcard exists and is fully licensed by the Tetris Company.

You called The Falling Blocks Game or something similar.

I’m afraid that’s just not allowed! :spy:

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Meaning bateske’s relationship with Tetris doesn’t allow it - and they are super paranoid about clones… it can easily be done (and there is already source out there for it) but it would have to be discussed somewhere else I have a feeling.

If you read about the court case a while back a judge actually said Tetris clones are more than legal if you don’t steal ALL the unique things about Tetris… but that doesn’t necessarly stop Tetris from sending you scary memos from their lawyers.