Need ideas for arduboy games?😃

(Josh Goebel) #20

Meaning bateske’s relationship with Tetris doesn’t allow it - and they are super paranoid about clones… it can easily be done (and there is already source out there for it) but it would have to be discussed somewhere else I have a feeling.

If you read about the court case a while back a judge actually said Tetris clones are more than legal if you don’t steal ALL the unique things about Tetris… but that doesn’t necessarly stop Tetris from sending you scary memos from their lawyers.

(Phil Graham) #21

I understand that there’s legal ramifications if somebody did go ahead and create a Tetris clone.

I also know in the Gamebuino library there is code for a couple of games called BlockBueno and Tetrino.

But I’ve no idea how to compile it to work on the Arduboy.

(Josh Goebel) #22

There is a Gamebuino wrapper here on the forums somewhere you could probaby use to get most of the way there.

(Phil Graham) #23

Any idea what’s it’s called?

(Josh Goebel) #24

Just search for gamebuino.

(Josh Goebel) #25

This is almost too simply to be called a game. This is like a list of strings and a few lines of code. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure we already have a pac man.

(Josh Goebel) #26

Ok, Pixel Miner is cute:

DO people actually spent a lot of time playing this though?

(Phil Graham) #27

I have a Pebble Classic. Great watches.

(Phil Graham) #28

Another game I’d love to see is Crazy Climber.

(Vicent Colomar) #29

Something similar to Snow Brothers (but not puzzle bobble) would be lovely.

(Braiden) #30

This Game Is Awesome on Android and Ios but a arduboy version would be awesome you could talk to the devs and see if theyd be willing to give up the source code then u could maybe translate it to arduino code and run it on an arduboy? Game Link:

(Boti Kis) #31

Oh yes totally! Thought about it myself since i’ve liked it very much on the phone!

(Scott R) #32

Some Russian guy has done 1-bit rogue for Arduino I’ve been playing it on a nano it works well on the oled.

1-Bit Rogue for Arduboy
(Holmes) #33

Whoa! I’d love to see that on the Arduboy!!

(Pharap) #34

We wouldn’t need their source code, an experienced programmer would be able to mimic most of the functionality just by seeing it in action.

At a glance, it looks like it’s essentially a 2D equivalent of Dark & Under.

(Simon) #35

I assume that is the code found here >

Did you manage to find the source code anywhere or is it a ‘hex’ only thing?

(Braiden) #36

Someone should do it! Also i made a gameplay video of it here:

(Boti Kis) #37

Somebody already did it, look a few posts up. :wink:
Ask him for the code!


Looks like it’s a wild hex thing. Apparently discord doesn’t like ftp links so copy and paste the link below

(Scott R) #39

It’s a hex thing but I have enough faith in @Mr.Blinky’s bootloader and with the low price of arduino clones I would let a witch throw a hex at my gear.