Need music for project

So I am sure that there are a lot of talented developers and musicians out there so I am asking these song could be pm to me for the arduboy. If you could I would love it to be played with the tones lib thanks!

-Nyan cat
-Hot butter
-mega makers time man(awesome game for PC)
-you choose( literally you )

Check out TEAM a.r.g’s HotButter demo: HotButter - 12th demo by TEAM a.r.g

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Yeah but would just prefer it in the tunes lib.

ArduboyTones has more limitations than ATMLib, one of which being the number of channels it can do (ATMLib can do 4, ArduboyTones manages 2 or 3) so by opting for ArduboyTones you’re opting for less depth - the music will have to be simplified more.

That means TEAM a.r.g.'s demo could be converted to tones (with permission) but it would loose a channel of depth.

Just in case you didn’t know.

Oh, and go careful with Nyan Cat - there have been lawsuits…

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Ok i will take a look into Team A.R.G’s and Nyan cat unknown to universe is a really fun song.