Need music for project

(Cody) #1

So I am sure that there are a lot of talented developers and musicians out there so I am asking these song could be pm to me for the arduboy. If you could I would love it to be played with the tones lib thanks!

-Nyan cat
-Hot butter
-mega makers time man(awesome game for PC)
-you choose( literally you )

(Celine) #2

Check out TEAM a.r.g’s HotButter demo: HotButter - 12th demo by TEAM a.r.g

(Cody) #3

Yeah but would just prefer it in the tunes lib.

(Pharap) #4

ArduboyTones has more limitations than ATMLib, one of which being the number of channels it can do (ATMLib can do 4, ArduboyTones manages 2 or 3) so by opting for ArduboyTones you’re opting for less depth - the music will have to be simplified more.

That means TEAM a.r.g.'s demo could be converted to tones (with permission) but it would loose a channel of depth.

Just in case you didn’t know.

Oh, and go careful with Nyan Cat - there have been lawsuits…

(Cody) #5

Ok i will take a look into Team A.R.G’s and Nyan cat unknown to universe is a really fun song.