Nemisis type side scrolling space ship shooter

Has any one made a side scrolling space ship type game like nemesis for the Gameboy? Or something like Metroid?

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Just browse this repo.
For shmups there is evade and i4arduboy, omega horizon reminds me of metroid.
If the setting has not to be in space try out sirene from team arg as well.
Regarding evade2, as far as i know you can’t load it without the reset procedure on arduboy.

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well i uploaded evade 2 to my arduboy and now i cant upload anything else. it says arduboy not found. I checked my cord and and it seems to be working fine with other devices plus i just bought it two days ago.

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For EVADE 2 you have to Press LEFT+UP+A+B to enter bootloader mode
Or use the Reset Button method.

Evade #1 or Humanity Revenge are pretty decent side scrollers.

For a Metroid style game checkout Omega Horizon.

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Right!! Omega horizon is the game im trying to load.

So i have to hold those buttons before i can upload a game?

Reset button?

If you have the latest release the button combo should work.

If not then it’s Reset

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How does arduboy handle tile mapping. How efficient is it? My own function allows me to store each bitmap once and then call it as many times as i need with just a tiny bit of the storage taken for each map. Like a few bytes depending on the size of the room.

I like the omega horizon game but i think i might want to improve on the idea.

I had already started the graphics part about 6 months ago but…

Upwards shooting and angled shots could be easily incorporated into the game. Maybe a larger world.

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It doesn’t. The game code handles the tile mapping, and its efficiency depends on how well written the code is.

Also, as far as I’m aware nobody’s written a tile engine in the traditional sense (i.e. no framebuffer, only tile data is stored and the tile data is written to screen when the screen needs drawing),
pretty much everyone uses Arduboy2 which has a frame buffer and anything using tiles tends to draw the tiles to that, which is fairly efficient in terms of speed but uses more RAM.

That’s true of nearly all bitmap drawing functions.

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Which makes sense unless the only thing the game needs to draw is tiles. No text, no sprites. As if the Arduboy didn’t have enough restrictions already. :stuck_out_tongue:

Traditional tile engines also usually had a limited number of sprites.

If anything I think an implementation of a traditional tile engine would make sense on the Arduboy since it would use less memory than a full framebuffer.

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Aren’t those engines done that way because the hardware accelerates the blitting? The Arduboy doesn’t have that.

They did do sprites in hardware, but CPUs were also slower back then.
Speed might not even matter much depending on the kind of game,
for example the SNES used an M6502-based CPU which only ran up to 3.58 MHz.

For example something Pokemon-like or a turn-based roguelike (e.g. the mystery dungeon series) would probably work fine even if the engine was less than 30 FPS.

Can i get an example of how the arduboy does this please?

So aggravated. i keep pressing the reset button or pressing left up and a and b but i still get arduboy not found.


Got it to upload. i used Arduino and the Leonardo board. Using the arduboy board gives me errors about missing an h file

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I find it best to set verbose output during upload to help coordinate the timing.
In the IDE select:
File > Preferences
In the Preferences window select the checkbox for:
Show verbose output during: upload
then click on OK at the bottom right.

After starting the upload for a new sketch, wait for output to show port scanning
(port names in curly braces {} )

Press the reset button when you see scanning start.

That doesn’t sound like an issue with the Arduboy board specifically, that sounds like you actually are missing an .h file somewhere.

If you’re getting errors, post the actual error.
The error message will tell us more about the problem in a few lines than a paragraph describing the situation.

You can try my shoot 'em up : Humanity Revenge is back! (Humanity Revenge Director’s Cut) :wink: