Network of the Damned! (Multiplayer mod for Catacombs of the Damned!)

Wow! This is awesome!

We want to complete the first level later, but it is hard to keep track of your “coop friend” haha xDD

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Amazing. Well done Erwin… It’s too good !!

Lovely! When can we expect 16 player deathmatch? :slight_smile:

hahaha we failed to complete level 1 in coop today. We will try to do some mods on the code to use UDP and see if the latency is lower

Recommended reading for TCP vs UDP:

The conclusion (part of it anyway):

My recommendation is not only that you use UDP, but that you only use UDP for your game protocol. Don’t mix TCP and UDP! Instead, learn how to implement the specific features of TCP that you need inside your own custom UDP based protocol.

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It is playable but you can see the traffic affecting it a lot, there is some heavy lagging (1 sec) every 15 secs or so we want to see how it behaves on UDP just switching the classes in the respective codes (the server will need a little more work than a switch of class tho)


In this case I think pure UDP is good enough :joy: (the target is just being able to complete 1 floor)

With serial wire connection network Catacombs working fine. Next step is bluetooth and then Online play ))


This is awesome! Nice work!

Online play would probably need some extra net code to deal with the additional latency but I imagine Bluetooth should work ok


bluetooth modules working fine )
it’s possible to play multiplayer wireless now!


Great and i will be able to play between my ESPboy and my Arduboy. Did you think that the Arduboy emulator could simulate a bluetooth connexion too ? Could be cool function (maybe)

Can we connect these bluetooth module with Homemade Arduboy and play wirelessly with HC-05 or 06? If we can then can anyone describe or tell me how to do it.
My thanks for anyone who replies :smiley:

Those Bluetooth modules are for the ESPboy (, so they probably wont work with a(n) Arduboy(s)