New Arduboy Library, what's wanted from the community?

Hi guys!

First post on this forum!:grinning:

I’m a Swedish guy (So expect some bad English) that loves programming. I got an Arduboy as my birthday gift, last year, and i’ve been using it a lot since. Sadly, I haven’t done any games that i could release for download on the forum, but I got an idea.

Yesterday I was thinking of doing a library for my games. I couldn’t come up with enough ideas to make it into a library. So I was wondering what the Arduboy Community would want in a new library, to make game development for Arduboy easier.

Write anything, realistic, unrealistic. Just anything that you would think could fit into a new library!

Hey Elias, welcome.

I would love to have a library that supports different fonts, font sizes, etc. Like tinyfont but flexible

BETTER COLLISIONS. Also it would be cool to have a create int x(number) function :ok_hand:

Different font sizes would definitely be possible by reoresenting the glyphs as vector data (which interestingly .ttffiles contain). There would be a performance cost though.

Having different fonts would use more memory, unless you mean having only one font in the game but being able to choose from many?

Better how?

What would that do?

Oh come on, he said realistic and unrealistic. No need to add your negativity to the ideas without suggesting some


It would do it so when arduboy presses a button it creates int x again x2 again x3 ect.

I’m not being negative, I’m asking for clarification.

I’ll make a suggestion though:

A library that simulates 2-dimensional rigidbody physics.

I’m still not sure what you mean.
A function that generates numbers when you press a button?

How about something really off the wall?

While looking for embedded interpreters for another project, I found microscheme. No, this isn’t a scheme that runs on an Arduino. it’s a Scheme compiler for Arduino. You point it at a scheme source file and an arduino on the other end of a serial device, and it compiles the code and flashes your device. Pretty clearly a student project, poorly documented and in an unknown state of completion. But SIOCP being both one of the best intro CS texts ever written and freely available makes Scheme interesting from an education perspective.

I’d love a scheme library that wrapped Arduboy2. It’s got an FFI, so it should be possible. They released the source if you want to give it a look.

It was Ryan Suchocki’s “undergraduate final-year project”.
It’s got documentation, but it’s not on the github page.

Cool. Thanks. I’ve got a number of projects it might be useful for, so having that will help.

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