New game - Boris goes skiing

Will do, it’s on my list :wink:

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If @sones makes my proposed change of using begin() and clear() in place of boot() and all the other calls between it and Serial.begin(9600); then you will be able to toggle sound using the “system control” boot up feature:

You hold the B button while powering up, then while still holding B, press UP to enable sound or DOWN to disable sound.

No other changes to the sketch would be necessary to allow mute control.


The skier can be made to face fully horizontal when moving right but can’t when moving left. Is this intentional? What is the purpose of facing horizontal as opposed to facing diagonal? It would make sense to me if downward speed slowed when facing horizontal, as with real skiing.

It’s a fun game though. Keep up the good work!

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I will change all the suggestions later (hopefully tonight) thanks for all the tips and help

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@MLXXXp can’t get it to work. Not even sure which button is A or which is B. I’ve tried both and neither seem to work.

It won’t work until my proposed changes are made to the code.

A simple trick to remember which is button A and B is that the A button has the A in ARDUBOY above it and the B button has the B above it :wink:

If you want to make the changes to the code yourself to try it, change:

void setup()


void setup()

Sound off/on now working, and Boris doesn’t go horizontal any more.
updated info on read me file.
Thank you @MLXXXp , help much appreciated.

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No you should put the horizontal movement back, just make him slow down as @MLXXXp has suggested. As in the original game.

I have a problem with Boris disappearing from the screen on left horizontal, this is why I took it out, I will try to figure out why, Iv’e commented the line I edited (line 76)

Do you mean when it gets to the left-hand side of the screen it keeps going and disappears ?

Doesn’t mater where Boris is on the screen, if you press left button a few times, he vanishes.

I can see a potential problem. Boris points left, diagonal left, down, diagonal right and right, meaning there should be 5 separate directions he can point in.

Your code only has 4.

That sounds like the answer, will take a look later, ta Mike.

Is good to play on the bus now @phil8715 hold “B” button down, switch on, hold “down” button down, release “B” button, wait 3 seconds, release “down button, sound should be off, to switch sound back on, do all steps again except use " up” button where “down” button was used.

I’m sorry I’m not getting it at all. My wife tried and she couldn’t do it either.

I’ll wait till you put in a sound toggle switch.

I’ll just have put on a different game on tomorrow, as I face a long bus ride of over an hour.

I think this is the standard way of doing the sound from the arduboy2 library, I’m guessing lots of game dev’s from now will use this method.

I’ll keep trying to see if I can do it.

@phil8715 did you update your Boris game to the LATEST code?

@phil8715 Read about @MLXXXp 's arduboy2 library scroll down to the audio mute control heading. I will not be happy if you get bored on the bus tomorrow.

I don’t understand all that. All I know is how to put a game on. I won’t be creating any games for it myself as I’m not a programmer.