New game - Boris goes skiing

Still great for your first attempt Tom !

Iv’e learnt so much from this and really enjoyed it.

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Well, you’ve taken the first step towards creating games. A lot of Arduboy owners only play games on them with no intention of writing their own so hats off to you for trying. You can now join the elite group of ArduBoy Developers!

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@phil8715 the instructions are very clearly under AUDIO MUTE CONTROL on the link that @sones provided above. @MLXXXp has also kindly copy and pasted them for you to read here. Just follow them slowly and meticulously. It’s not rocket science.

Thanks @TheArduinoGuy Inspirational!

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I totally agree. There are some decent games on the arduboy that are addictive.

I thought the update for Boris wasn’t ready?

All Done!! I’m pretty sure it’s all working now, thanks for your patience, I promise more testing next time, make sure you also use the new bitmaps.

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@MLXXXp @TheArduinoGuy @sones Great job all works now.

Thank you for being patient with me.

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No problem @phil8715

Read the instructions carefully and methodically and you will get there in the end.

The ArduBoy is not your typical game device and is more tailored for those persons wishing to ‘get under the hood’ and write their own games or find out how others work, etc. It just means for guys like you that there is a bit more complexity and more of a learning curve to get things to work compared to say, a GameBoy which just requires you to plug a cartridge in and turn it on. Things are not so simple with the ArduBoy (though stuff is happening behind the scenes to make it more user-friendly in the future).

I think your main problem is you rush things instead of slowly, carefully and methodically going through instructions making sure you are following them exactly as they tell you to and not missing out any steps. You are most definitely either not reading things carefully or jumping over steps as the instructions are very well written.

@TheArduinoGuy I do skim read, I can’t help it, I have Dyspraxia which is a learning problem, which for me makes performing simple tasks more difficult.

I hate having it because it stopped me doing the types of careers that earn good money.

Ahh I see. In that case I’ll try to be more patient with you. Please let us know if you are struggling with anything and we will do our best to assist.

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@TheArduinoGuy thank you for that.

You’re right Arduino and the Arduboy is a learning curve. When I’ve successfully installed a game onto the Arduboy, I get a sense of achievement, rather than just sticking in a cart or disc into a Gameboy or a PSP. I also think the games designed by the Arduboy community are as good if not better than commercial games you can buy currently.

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I totally agree!! :grin: