New game - BurgardTime

Hey there - just put together an initial build of my little homage to BurgerTime for the Arduboy :slight_smile:

Nothing too fancy and DEFINITELY not perfect, but pretty fun stuff!

here’s a preview video:

here’s the source code:

here’s the compiled hex:



oh heads up - there’s a bug in one of the later levels that i need to fix. just found it :frowning:

For people trying to load this game, it uses my Arduboy2 and ArduboyTones libraries. If you get errors like:
Arduboy2.h: No such file or directory
you must install them.

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oh ya, sorry! good catch @MLXXXp

Arduboy Electron: Hex file uploader

I love this game :slight_smile:

Great work on the burger space clone!:grinning:


I’ve just ordered a Arduboy and I’m completely new to it.

Which link do I use to upload this game to my Arduboy?


There are several ways to install games onto the Arduboy, at this point.

If you download the source code (AKA the sketch), you can use the Arduino IDE to compile and install the game.

Meanwhile, you can use a few different programs to transfer the pre-compiled code that comes in the form of a .hex file. My program can do that, but it already comes with BurgardTime pre-installed, so you don’t need to download anything. Just choose that game from the list and click ‘Transfer’.

I don’t understand why the files come in zip format. I mistakenly uploaded a game with master at the end. I can’t see a way to take out the master bit. Basically I can’t find in the Andrinio PC software where the files are located in order for me to edit so I can run them.

Also I don’t understand what I’m supposed do with the files to get them to run. I know that you have to run sketch and hit upload, but i don’t know what to do once I’ve downloaded a upload onto my Arduboy.

It also doesn’t help that the people who do the tutorials on You Tube all use Apple Macs, I use a Windows 10 PC.

I used the My Program method. Got BurgardTime on my Arduboy.

Cheers for your help!

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Something I’ve noticed is that my anti virus detects malware and deletes the main PC loader. I have to switch my anti virus off to install the software.

Would it be possible to add the pepper shots to fire at the enemies? Also is the bug in level 5? If it is it’s still there.

Is there a bug in this level? If not how do you do it?

Oh yes, there IS a bug, I still haven’t gotten around to fixing it (been working 16 hours a day for what seems like a year now, so any time NOT working is spent with my little son). It’s probably a simple fix, just no time to make it :frowning:

Thanks for making this! It’s one of the rare games I can get my Arduboy to actually play! I love it!

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It’s great game. I’ve got the Gameboy version on my PSP GO!