New Game Jam?

Will there be another game jam?

Once the Arduboy FX devices are shipped, I’d love to see a FX-based jam with developers encouraged to find a use for the expanded flash memory.


Maybe probably! But there might be another kind of contest coming even sooner!?


What do you think about a hardware contest?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Pancake
  • Race Car

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I’m not sure what the pancake and racecare are for? Depends on the hardware, but yes. I have been thinking new Game Jam because Game Makers Tool Kit is doing 2021 Game Jam on soon.

What would a hardware contest entail?

My first assumptions would be Arduboy mods, diy Arduboy clones, or diy systems similar to arduboy, but different processor/possibly architecture? Sorry if the answer is obvious, I’m just a bit unclear :sweat_smile:

You’ve got good assumptions :wink:

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