New Office

Different kind of post here, Arduboy has moved into a new (home) office!

After being based out of SF for about 6 years, I’ve moved back to the Portland area into a house that I’m renting that has TWO offices and a garage that will be really awesome to use for work.

Some people have known but it’s not exactly common knowledge that I’ve been running Arduboy by myself out of my studio apartment.

I’ve mentioned in various threads or customer support responses over the past couple years that I’ve been unable to help fully since I’m moving between offices, so that chapter has closed and a new one has begun! The reason for that is I’ve had a lot of stuff in storage and not able to get at easily, now everything is under one roof.

If people are interested, once things are setup I can give a tour of the office(s). I’ll have one for cad/gaming upstairs and downstairs will be for electronics work and shipping.

During the coming months I’ll be using the living room and garage to get the orders out, and possibly even hiring a few folks to speed things up! (feel free to ping me if you are near Portland and would like to stuff envelopes)

And last but not least a big thank you goes to everyone here because it’s all because of you. It’s so nice to be back in a place that feels like home with so much space to properly get work done. Arduboy is paying the bills so now it’s time for me to get to work and start cranking out a lot new projects!

Look forward to see more on the Arduboy XL and the RP2040 project later this year!

(p.s. I sold my motorcycle it rains too much here)

(p.p.s. Almost certainly upgrading Arduboy FX to USB-C, and this will lead to delays, official announcement coming this week or next)


I guess it’s worth noting I also have an “actual” office in SF and Shenzhen ala coworking space from one of my investors. Downtown SF wasn’t a pleasant place before and hasn’t improved.

I do somewhat hope to go back to China? I would like to go back but the politics seem really weird right now and I don’t feel like getting raided in my hotel room at 2am. (This sometimes happened to other foreigner friends of mine even during obama times)