New Raspberry Pi 4

It has 2 micro-HDMI ports.

How in gods name does this make any sense? So this means any time I want to use this I’ve got to hope that I can find the damn adapter?

Isn’t rpi number one market education? Do you think schools are going to enjoy having all these dongles or special micro to standard HDMI cables?

How many people are actually hooking up 2 displays to an rpi that couldn’t actually do it with 2 separate rpi’s?

If one of these ports was an input, I could see a valid argument for removing the completely standard port that everyone has a cable for already.

In some cases people might end up paying nearly half what they paid for the entire system for a goddamn adapter cable if they forget to buy one online and have to buy one from a local store.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in recent history.

Am I way off base here or is this almost like a jumping the shark moment for rpi?


I can’t see a big appeal for having dual displays either, but the other new hardware features are very welcome: USB-C power for more reliable power, gigabit ethernet and USB 3.0 all sound very useful.

I already have some cables and adapters lying around from my Pi zero so I don’t see the micro HDMI port being a huge issue.

it’s probably cheaper then a stacked regular HDMI connector

it makes resellers happy as they can sell an extra mini hdmi adapter or 2x mini hdmi cables (you cant use adapters when you want to use both connectors)

Looks like the rpi foundation is gunning for desktop replacement territory as opposed to what made them successful in the first place, the education market. Doesn’t affect me either way though, I have a 3b+ that is sitting in the box that I never got around to doing anything with, and tons of older pi’s should I ever need them.

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That’s what stood out to me too between the dual-HDMI, processing power, and 4GB max RAM. I tried Ubuntu MATE 16.04 on the first RPi3, and it ran surprisingly well with a few Firefox tabs, Geany editor, and compiling some C. You could definitely feel its limitations, but it seemed good enough for simple jobs. I imagine this upgrade might be an okay desktop for my needs, exciting times :slight_smile:

It should have been 3 usb-c ports. You can do hdmi over usb-c

Or just 1 hdmi port.

I lit up pimoroni for this on twitter and they glazed over it.

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Agreed, USB-C to HDMI adapters are easier to find and often cheaper too. Since thats what MacBooks use now there’s lots of cheap no-name adapters.

The other question is can it decode 4K videos without overheating and is omxplayer still crashing as frequently.

We’ve tried using a Pi 3 to play videos in a loop for a storefront project and we had to switch to a mini PC due to random crashes of the Pi’s hardware player.

They still make for nice solid mini db servers & lightweight WiFi APs/routers all-in-one to network a bunch of tablets. It’s just the graphic drivers that are pretty awful when put under load. Even at home under light use it crashed at least once a day as my “smart tv” / home-flix.

rpi has always been plagued by problems with their driver since it’s not fully open sourced and seems to be coded by monkeys.

USB-C would be awesome also as there are a lot of different kind of dongles you could attach also. I mean, I hate to be “that guy” but honestly I think it would make so much more sense if it had 3 USB-C ports and then didn’t have the ethernet or usb-A ports as you can use dongles for that.

I just realized this might have been to try and appeal to places using rpi for signage, which has been the primary positive feedback about the 2 connectors.

But isn’t that stupid? Those are the exact situations that would have a budget for multiple consoles.

Like, the people who need to run 2 displays but are too ignorant or lazy to figure out how to link them via ethernet?

At least the lightning cable had the advantage of guaranteeing quality products, and required cables were included.

There, I fixed it.


In my opinion this is the worst release ever from Pi foundation. They want to be the number one in education, who will need to micro HDMI? They want to allow that any student in the world will be able to have a desktop device. Special the most poor kids. Why they would need 2 micro HDMI?
Also, the 4GB is great, but the basic version ($35) is still with 1GB.

In my opinion, one of the best addictions would be the internal storage. No more SSD or USB to boot the device. For the same price I still prefer the orange pi.

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I have heard many opinions about the Raspberry Pi 4 recently and would like to share my own. I have split this comment into some categories for you to skip between uninteresting parts. DISCLAIMER: I am a Raspberry Pi fanboy with 2 3Bs, 1 3B+ and a Pi Zero on my desk (more around the house).


With the Raspberry Pi 4, the RPi foundation is making a move into different markets meaning that it can grow as a company. It has added features to please all wanted markets (education, home use and makers) but has needed to make some tradeoffs to please others. In sections where I think different opinions could be held, I have inserted my take on it.


Micro HDMI I believe was not the best move for the RPi foundation, however, not the worst for the following reasons. Adapters are offered by all retailers as an add-on for very cheap which would be inconsequential considering the savings made on going with a Raspberry Pi. The Home users market probably see this as a great feature to be able to connect 2 displays. The education market probably doesn’t care other than the added cost for an adapter (but they buy in bulk so who knows) and makers probably see this as a nuisance, but can expand the number of uses for their Raspberry Pi (as @rv6502 mentioned, running multiple displays should be now possible with more ports and faster decoding). Some better alternatives could have been HDMI over USB-C, stacked connectors or changing the 1GB (2GB as well?) SKU to a single normal HDMI port.

USB-C for power delivery is an odd move, however one which I strongly agree with. USB-C allows for higher power delivery, of which seems to be needed over the requests on their website for a 15watt power brick. It is also more durable than Micro-USB which is good because it will be the most used port. I have managed to break the Micro-USB power connector on my P iZero. Now it is also standard on modern android smartphones which helps for cheaper after-market power supplies and cables.

The other changes in connectivity are very much welcomed by me. Full Gigabit ethernet not on a USB-3 bus? Sign me up. USB-3 ports? Great.


Performance improvements are always welcome, here are my thoughts. Having 3x the performance of the predecessor and 15x the performance of the original will mean that it is adequate for many more uses. Here is a thought: With 4GB of RAM, a quad core 1.5GHZ processor and low power consumption, maybe someone will come out. with a Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module powered Chromebook competitor.


While there are some gripes about the RPi 4, it is a great little computer which has enough power to be a main PC in some people’s homes. The marketing and placement of the RPi 4 backs this up too… The selling of official keyboard and mice as well as a “Desktop Kit” show a change in direction.

For those angry with the new release I have 3 points for you:

  1. You are a power user. Many people disagree with your opinions and will buy this product as home PC for lack of needing something better.
  2. I challenge you to build a $35 personal computer of this calibre, it’s hard.
  3. The Raspberry Pi foundation has continued producing and selling all previous Raspberry Pis, back to the original B+ model

Graphics encoding and decoding as well as drivers should be much better because of the Hardware H.265 4K60 decoding and the open source, up to date OpenGL driver being used by default. (see

Two final things:

I get it, they got the copyright or developed or whatever in2018 but as a foundation/charity wouldn’t they tell the public about something in development and not lie that “no Raspberry Pi 4 will be here anytime soon” (I’m pretty sure Eben said that in 2018).

What is that blue eye makeup below the eye???


Not a fan of the mini HDMI ports, I was excited to see a new pi out until i saw that. And why move the ethernet port?

So I just realized, the reason they did this is because I think they are setting up for a VR play. That’s the only reason to prioritize 2x4k.

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If you were making a Pi based VR headset then you would only need one video out. Unless you were treating the Pi like a desktop computer with monitor display and then also hooking up a VR headset too.

I think it might still be a bit too underpowered to realistically do any VR at a decent enough quality to avoid motion sickness.

I’m just spitballing here it still doesn’t make sense to me.

Confusing… I don’t know why they moved the Ethernet port. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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I’m not sure if you have space to plug the 2 connectors at same time :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t use 2 at a time and those adapters will 1000% guarantee break the connector right off the board.

And also, while they may be cheap, you don’t have them, and you have to buy them, then you can lose them, and they can break.


So you can dual monitor on an RPI??? This is solving a problem nobody has!