New Rule: No new accounts to trash talk products

This has happened twice now, and so I’m making a new rule that will go into the official community guidelines.

If you create an account to post negative feedback about the Arduboy and other products, without first contacting customer support or offering any clear path to resolve the situation… i.e. Just creating an account to publicly complain, is against the rules. This is especially true if you don’t even own the product.

If you want to trash talk the products sold on this website, then go to twitter, or reddit, or facebook, unconstructive negative posts will not be tolerated.

I’ve said it before, this website is not a total democracy, it is in part a tool to increase the value and quality of the Arduboy.


So just to clarify older existing accounts - we can still trash talk the Arduboy, right? :wink:

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Any forum that has a concept of appointed moderators is effectively an oligarchy,
and any forum in which one person has absolute power could be said to be an autocracy.
So we’re somewhere between the two.

Perhaps that means you’re the “Benevolent Dictator for Life”?

Yes, as you’ve been instrumental in it’s development.

I have REAL ultimate power.

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Wait you made the Arduboy and you’re a Ninja? WHOA. :astonished:

I’d support adding [no help for fixing your (3rd-party-purchased) clone].

It’s a figurative slap in the face.

“Hi, you worked hard to make quality product, deal with all the logistics of production, pay for forum hosting, spend time managing it, and I gave my money to someone else and it doesn’t work, now help me with that clone device.”

That’s different from just sharing “here’s my working homemade DIY clone”, especially for people who bought the OG product, contributing to the cost of hosting. Maybe people sharing their DIYs is a factor in the confusion.

Asking for customer support when you’re not a customer is hum …

Just my 2 cents.


Ha! I don’t think clone support has come up yet.

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Lol doesn’t bother me that much because I laugh so hard at them.

But, also, I don’t mind if someone else buys another open source kit based on Arduboy. It’s open source it’s allowed. And they don’t use the trademark on their product. I’ve always allowed products to say they are “Arduboy Compatible” or “Plays Arduboy Games” but just not use it in the title or the advertising.

As much as everyone is a stickler for licenses will know that the schematics aren’t even published with one, so I’d have to be kind of a jerk to get pissed off when other people buy the inevitable result. These clones wouldn’t exist if Arduboy wasn’t successful so I really don’t mind.

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to open a part of the store where I sell the clones, but never found the right way to market that.


And actually, helping people with commercial clones in this forum may not be all that bad. Doing this may get them to make games. The more, games, the more chance other people will be tempted to buy real Arduboys.

So far, to my knowledge, there hasn’t been a commercial clone that is superior to the Arduboy and sells very well. There may even be people that have bought a clone and then also bought the real thing afterwards because of the down sides of the clone.

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:speech_balloon: Welcome to the ARDUBOY Emporium! The real thing and lots of imitations, all at one location for your purchasing convenience! :shopping_cart: :+1:


I’ll just put them at a fat premium. For people dedicated for collecting even the fakes, but want to make sure they are getting them from a reliable vendor. Ha!

Id need to have lots of disclaimers that they are not offical or made by me but neither are the micro arcade and I don’t really have any major issues with those.


Anyone that gets a clone will want eventually a real one. The quality of the original is not even near.


It is not possible to make something that is higher quality than the Arduboy. Well, I might have a few ideas, but nobody else does.

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I own now 3 original Arduboys, one Tetris Microcard and 2 Pacman Microarcade. Still i wanted to see how a clone compares and bought the Gamepi thing. As long as this is all they can come up with there is no need to fear anything :joy::joy: This thing is just crap i did not even set it up… Bulky and ugly and no nice click feeling. Will serve as a part dispenser at maximum.

And they mention Arduboy games. So if i for examle would have come across this clone first, buy it and then search for the Arduboy games i would see the beautiful original Arduboy anf would latest then buy it. So at the end the clones really can help upsell the own product as it is that way better!!


Can we at least trash talk about our own home build arduboy’s?
And yell at our own crappy soldering?
I know i do :joy: