New Site and Look, Feedback?

(Kevin) #1

We have switched servers and also the look of the site!

The main website:

It will be going through a lot of changes for a while until we figure out exactly what works, so feel free to comment and let us know!

We are planning on adding the following features to the website:

  • Details and Pictures to the Main site
  • Guides Index
  • Game Library “Arduboy Arcade”

At some point the blog may return as well.

We are using the Arduboy buttons as an icon for navigation in the header. Seems to be working out ok? Feedback?

Additionally I’m messing around with a color gradient theme with the header, too much? I kinda like it but sometimes I don’t. What do you think?


I like what you have so far :wink: (the link was wrong, I fixed it)

On a smartphone screen the “Arduboy” word and buttons are overlapping a bit. Can be solved if you would line out “Arduboy” to the left.

(Kevin) #3

I’ve switched the default view of the community forums to be the categories, if you want the old view you can click on “latest” and bookmark that page.

Arduboy Frequently Asked Questions is up!

(Damian Vila) #4

My only comment so far is that the Arduboy buttons offer a different experience in the forums than that in the website.

In here, it’s a link to the site (since the logo takes you to the top of the forum), but at the homepage, there’s a dropdown with options.

Also, placement is different, specially when using a smartphone (center at the forum, right at the site).
Not a great deal, but would be better if more consistent.

About the gradient: I think it goes with personal taste, so not much to say there. If you like it, it’s ok. If not, take it out.
Personally, I’d use stronger colors, but then, I tend to be too bold sometimes. :smile:

Oh! Also, since the Arduboy buttons image seems to be outside the forum header, when you activate the editing field, it falls over some of the buttons in the mobile version.


Edit: this is what I’m talking about (over the emoji and settings icons, near my name).

(Holmes) #5

I think everything looks smooth and calm, which is fine by me. The colors kinda offer new oppurtunities for theming. My problem comes from the fact that we have no pics of the Arduboy on the landing page. :dizzy_face:

(ScrumpyJack) #6

Can you feed all the content over https? Looks like some of the content is being served over http

(Phil Graham) #7

How about a Coming Soon section in the Games for upcoming games?

(Kevin) #8

Right now the main site has SSL, working on getting the community site secured too. Standby!

My suggestion would be to make a post in either the development section or the demos section until it’s done, then making a “release” post in the games category.

(Kevin) #9

We just turned on SSL for the community!


Honestly, there are some minor issues, but it looks pretty good. I really loved the old dark purple theme, though. :slight_smile:

(Kevin) #11

We still like purple, we use purple packaging tape if that makes you feel better!

Out of curiosity what are the minor issues? We’re aware of a few but like to keep track!


On small screens, the title of forum threads (when they’re in the rainbow-colored area near the top) overlap with the icon that looks like the buttons on an Arduboy. It’s cool, but definitely has its flaws.
Edit: the smaller version of the loading icon (the three multicolored lines that spin around) used in the log-in dialog doesn’t really look right, either. It kinda looks like a dot and two pieces of elbow macaroni wobbling around. Don’t put that image in your head.

(Kevin) #13

This month will be working on finally deploying the Arduboy Arcade, and I’ll do my best to take some time to clean out some of the UI bugs as well. Please keep commenting if anyone has any suggestions or finds any other bugs!

(Pharap) #14

Is that what the ‘official repo’ is now called or is it something else?

(Kevin) #15

Arduboy Arcade will be the official repo yeah.

(Pharap) #16

I though that would be the case but I just wanted to check.
You guys may have been busy behind the scenes, but I think that’s the first time us forum dwellers have heard the term.
(It’s the first time I’ve heard it at least, and I spend a lot of time dwelling on the forums.)

(Scott) #17

Arduboy Arcade was the term used in the Kickstarter campaign.