New user and info

Hi, new Arduboy owner here

Just looking around where to start, I’m not sure if I’ll get to grips with programming or just start using others games and programmes

Could anyone give me a few pointers?
Thanks in advance

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Sorry that this post is quite long. Hopefully you’ll find all the information useful.

Whichever you want to do, your best bet is to read the quickstart guide:

That’s enough to get you up and running with a game or to show you how to use the IDE.

If you want to start programming and have no prior experience, check out @crait’s tutorial series:

(Be aware though, that it uses the out of date Arduboy library, since then development has stopped on the Arduboy library and it has been replaced with the Arduboy2 library. We’re hoping @crait will get time to update it some day.)

Once you get through that, try out its successor, written by @filmote:

Which thankfully does use the newer library because it was written later.

There’s also a load of handy turoials available from the Arduboy magazine, many of which are contributed by other users.

Lastly some things that normally people don’t discover unless they hang around the forums a lot (we should really get round to typing these up):

  • As far as we’re aware, nobody has ever truly bricked an Arduboy, every problem has always been fixable.

  • The most commonly used game repo is

  • Sometimes certain games make it difficult to upload a new game for some reason (we’re not completely sure what it is, but we think it’s related to high RAM usage), in which case you can go into what’s has been dubbed ‘flashlight mode’ by holding the up button when turning your Arduboy on. This makes the screen and LED go white and should allow a new game to be uploaded.

  • A batch of older Arduboys didn’t have their bootloader fuses set properly when they left the factory so under certain circumstances the bootloader is overwritten and they need a special tool to be fixed. Newer Arduboys don’t have those issues.

  • Kickstarter arduboys don’t have their LEDs wired up properly due to a mix up at the factory, so they display the wrong colours.

And lastly a tiny bit of forum etiquette:

  • It’s ok to resurrect old threads if you want to either show respect for a game or continue a conversation, but if what you have to say is going a bit off tangent then it’s best to make a new thread.
  • If you have a question, make a little bit of effort to search before asking just in case there’s already an answer somewhere.
  • Obviously be nice/polite, which most people here are.
  • Show your appreciation by liking people’s comments.
  • Have fun.

(Maybe I ought to ask @bateske about turning this post into the official welcome page :P.)


Thank you for all that info :+1:

My Arduboy is a yellow/gold fronted one but silver back

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Some, I think it was the second batch that had this issue

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I don’t know all the details, but that’s probably right.

I know the factory got their wires crossed (or rather, their pins crossed :P) so the blue LED input was hooked up to where green was supposed to go or something. I’m sure someone else will see this and remember the exact details, or find a thread that has the details and reference it.

Yeah they put it upside down, if I remember right green is awol I think red is blue. I’ll have to double check when I get home because I put D&U on mine.

I need a yellow unit…

I picked mine up cheap (it seems) and looking forward to getting games on it

Out of interest is it possible to get more than 1 game on the unit at a time?

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One game limit I’m afraid. I think there’s one or two mini game collections though

To help decide you can test run them on ProjectABE

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