Night Raid - Missile Command Clone

Shooter_Night Raid_Night Raid.hex (48.2 KB)

Just finished version 1.0 of my first Arduboy game, which I’m calling “Night Raid”. It’s extremely similar to Missile Command.

No sound yet, but it’s very playable, and (I hope) a decent bit of fun. Definitely not the cleanest code, but I hope to take a second pass and break it up a bit. But hey, it works :wink:



Woot! Loading it, now! Can I host this on my Arduboy Manager?


Really nice effects! I like the blinking. Reminds me of back in 'Nam.

Anyway, the only criticism I have is that there are several times when I shoot a bomb, the explosion gets sooo close to a missile, but sometimes it seems like the missile passes right through the edge of it. I’m not sure if I’m just not good at it or if this is a bug.


You can definitely host it on Arduboy Manager!

Yeah, I’ve been playing with the collision. If a few other people report the same thing, maybe I’ll increase the collision radius a little bit. Right now it’s supposed to give you an extra pixel of collision outside of the explosion.

I’m glad you like the effects, I think it’s the perfect use of the Arduboy.invert() function :slight_smile:

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I love it! I feel like this game will be very addictive! Great job :slight_smile:

Boom! I love it so much fun

Great job, so much fun :slight_smile: