Nightmare Park - old 80s game for PET

nightmare_park.ino.hex (53.5 KB)

One of the first games I typed into my Commodore PET back in 1980. A game by Bob Chappell that appeared in PCWorld. I remember really loving this game so thought I’d try to re-create it on the Arduboy. It’s very rough around the edges, I’ll try to update it at some point, but anyway, fun to try for those that remember the original!


Yes! I remember this! Cool!

I just took delivery of my Arduboy FX, how can I add this to the loaded games?

This is how I’ve been adding games to my FX Mod.
Obviously the file paths will be different for you, but hopefully it will get you started. Once you understand the folder structure & csv file it’s OK (look at the existing ones first).

  1. download Python latest for Windows from (I used 64bit Python 3.9.6)
  2. open a cmd prompt and type: python -m pip install pillow
  3. download GitHub - MrBlinky/Arduboy-Python-Utilities: Python script to upload .hex, .zip or .arduboy files to Arduboy and Homemade versions This has the flashcart compile & decompile scripts
  4. download GitHub - MrBlinky/Arduboy-FX-mod-chip: Self updating bootloader for Arduboy FX this has a folder portable-activator & in that which has a GUI for flasing your flashcart to the arduboy once you compile it
  5. decompile the flashcart bin -
    python C:\Users\tom\Documents\Arduino\FXMod\Arduboy-Python-Utilities-master\ C:\Users\tom\Documents\Arduino\FXMod\Arduboy-FX-mod-chip-master\portable-activator\flash-image.bin
  6. you can then add folders for your own category, - I added folder 17, in that folder create a folder called 0, create a 128x64 ping for the category name & call it 0.png.
  7. create another folder called 1, and in there add your .hex game & a 128x64 ping for the splash screen, call them 1.hex and 1.png
  8. open the C:\Users\tom\Documents\Arduino\FXMod\Arduboy-FX-mod-chip-master\portable-activator\flash-image\flashcart-index.csv and add these lines at the bottom:
  9. now to compile the games, from the command line:
    python C:\Users\tom\Documents\Arduino\FXMod\Arduboy-Python-Utilities-master\ C:\Users\tom\Documents\Arduino\FXMod\Arduboy-FX-mod-chip-master\portable-activator\flash-image\flashcart-index.csv
  10. now to upload, open the C:\Users\tom\Documents\Arduino\FXMod\Arduboy-FX-mod-chip-master\portable-activator\portable-activator\run-fx-activator-windows.bat
  11. In the Upload Flash Image field point at the new flashcart-image.bin image you created, plugin the Arduboy, turn on & click the Upload Flash Image button (second button down, not the top one)

Wow - this is super helpful. Thanks, @tomsk666 :smiley: