Ninja Fuzzgrawth - Version 1.0 Released!

Version 1.0 of my tower climbing platformer is now available! :open_mouth:

Guide the Fuzzgrawth up the three towers to collect the three ‘things’! It’s a fast paced platformer against the clock with randomly ordered levels.


As always, game files are available for download from:


This game will test my patience for sure I really suck at it but love the concept.
The controls are super sensitive I’m often unintentionally shooting across the screen to my doom :joy:
I noticed the player cannot turn if his back is against a wall he has to make steps to turn is this intentional?

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Thanks! … Yeah definitely wanted that ‘zipping’ across the screen feeling, but very tricky to get the balance right over only 128 pixels! :grin:

Hmmmm… That’s a great spot, I think because I play the game almost always walljumping it hadn’t occurred that people might actually want to intentionally face the wall when grounded (to smash windows I assume… You vandal!). Your quite right through, the facing direction is linked to actually moving, so unless you can take a step then you can’t turn. I’ll see what I can do for version 2, shouldn’t be hard to modify :grin:


Great game!

I agree with @Keyboard_Camper that the controls are really sensitive but I am getting used to them slowly.

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Thanks! Good to hear you’re getting the hang of it… One of the reasons I enjoyed putting this (and my first game) together was that I got to think about platforming controls, the ideas of acceleration, momentum and deceleration in the different conditions. It’s a tricky thing to find the balance for over such a small play area.

… I was also pretty set on having it run smoothly at 100fps, although I know there are situations where there is some slowdown (when text appears on the screen for instance). One of the things that I did in my first game to increase the feeling of speed at 60fps was have movement increment by more than one pixel per frame, but that was awkward to code and I just felt like it was slightly juddery which is why I opted for 100fps here.

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Usually to get smooth movement with a variable frame rate games use delta timing.

It’s more difficult on the Arduboy though because floats are expensive.

Text printing is actually surprisingly expensive because the code iterates over each character.

If the text doesn’t change you could use an image in progmem instead, that should be slightly less expensive.

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Did you use nextFrameDEV() in place of nextFrame(), during development, to check for cases when you’re not keeping up with the frame rate? It happens briefly throughout the game.

Also, you may wish to address the few compiler warnings that are being generated. To see them, use:
File > Preferences
then set Show verbose output during: compilation
and set Compiler warnings: All.

(You can ignore any warnings generated by the EEPROM library.)

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Yeah, using an image for text is something I was originally going to do, but then back out out because I was worried about space… but I think I might be able to squeeze it in.

… when I first put the text in i had no idea it would be so costly…

Thanks for the link to delta timing - I kind of assumed something like that must be the case, but as you said for Arduboy it doesn’t make that much sense (especially as everyone is essentially running the same hardware). It’s always interesting to read about how these sorts of problems are tackled.


Thanks for the tip! … actually you mentioned this to me some time ago, but I just completely forgot to try it out when I was putting things together. It would be interesting as I think I’m also getting some slowdown when more than a certain number of tiles are onscreen at one time, or possibly when I’m bringing the next row of the map in to working memory. I’ll have to give it a go! :slight_smile:

ITS A KITTEH! :cat: Yup, also zipping across the screen to my doom… but mostly cant figure out how to get past the fish. Love the animations / sprites though


The best bit about these 1 bit graphics is that they are whatever you think they are… Fishes! Excellent! :grin: (I’d “designed” them as missiles)…

Try hitting the “fish launcher” :grin::tropical_fish:


In my opinion, this is the best arduboy game! I love it, great job!!!


:grin: thanks so much! … I had a lot of fun making it!