No CE Mark When Selling to EU


Seen a few people in Germany on the Kickstarter page saying they have received notification that their Arduboys have been returned to the factory by customs because they lack a CE mark.

I must admit I didn’t even notice myself seeing as it’s on practically everything or the packaging, you just become blind to it.

As there’s a legal requirement to have a CE certificate to sell most goods within the EU, are there any steps to get certification? It could land @batekse in hot water if he intends to keep offering them for sale here, or they could be outright banned as “dangerous goods”

I would imagine a similar thing would apply in the States with FCC marks?

@bateske should find this topic soon and supply an update. I did see him mention that Arduboys do have a CE mark, but German customs are super strict. Obviously I’m not sure what about the current marking may cause a hold up in customs, but we will give an update when we do know for sure.


We have CE Certification! We have found that several units destined for Germany were rejected for lack of a CE mark. We are working with those backers on getting the Arduboy shipped back out to them. (please contact us via the contact form if you haven’t already)

Came to find out even if it’s shipped as a gift it gets inspected. It appears the final Arduboy will feature a CE mark and say Made in China because that’s the rules!


Thanks both!

I think you can get away with just a CE sticker on the Arduboy itself mind so that might be worth looking into if Germany is being a problem.