No dispatch email?

Hey all! Just wondering if anyone has had their backorder dispatched yet? I realise they were all supposed to be dealt with in the last couple of weeks but haven’t had any word or dispatch email. My order was in April so is supposed to be on the way by this point?

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Still waiting for the Arduboys to clear customs… Orders for only micro arcade have made it out but still a few more days for the Arduboy… sorry for the delay :sweat:

@bateske no worries my dude just wanted some sort of update, it takes the time it takes :slight_smile: thanks for the answers!

Yeah I’ve been doing a bad job trying to keep everyone updated, but I am doing everything behind the scenes to try and actually fulfill the orders. To be honest I find it very difficult to sit in front of the computer and just write sorry emails to everyone for an hour or two, it was an emotionally draining activity for me before “all this” and now I find it’s better for everyone if I just focus on getting everything shipped.

Absolutely and I wasn’t suggesting you should sit and do that, take it easy man!

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Package made it through customs! Should arrive in the next couple days!

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