Not Just a Hat Rack - Fast Paced Platformer

(Luke Carter) #21

Thanks! When I started messing around with the Arduboy, I never really intended on making a game that would be put out in to the community… it just sort of became one. I was pretty interested in what made satisfying 2D platforming; things like momentum, air control etc. I also liked the idea of single screen stages especially considering the constraints of the platform.

The death animation time was actually something that I remember thinking about for a while. I wanted each death to carry some weight rather than being an instant restart (although the timer doesn’t run during the animation so its not an actual penalty)… but that needed to be balanced against player frustration at having to see it over and over again. Maybe I didn’t get that quite right.

Thanks for playing!


2552.45 seconds.
629 deaths.

I’m not a huge fan of the hat not slowing down when no d-pad buttons are pressed but I got used to it.
It’s probably my favorite Arduboy game, I played it the most. (Granted, I’ve had my Arduboy for a week, but I did try many different games)

(Luke Carter) #23

Thanks for playing! :smiley: I’m happy that you’ve been enjoying it!