NumberMind - A Master Mind type game with numbers

Received my Arduboy last week. :slight_smile:

Here’s my first game…

A simple game to guess a number with 7 tries.

Hope you like it.


Please change

and change all

start() and clearDisplay() are deprecated and have been replaced by the new names.

Also, line 17:
isn’t doing anything, since you haven’t got something like:

  if (!(arduboy.nextFrame()))

in your loop.

@Yoshi, Does your Arduboy actually have a blue display, instead of white, or does it just look that way in the photo?

It’s just the photo. I have a white display.

PS: Thanks for the feedback.

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OK. I though a blue display might have accidentally gotten mixed in with the white ones that they ordered. :confused:

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Thanks, this is a fun game.

this one is so simple but i play it more often and much longer than any other game for the arduboy. really a GREAT ONE !! thanks a million for this one :heart_eyes:

Thanks! :sunglasses:

Master Mind is indeed an addicting game.

Just added a stats bar to track won and lost games. Also optimized button handling a bit.

Please re-download from github.

Sorry, there was a debug leftover in the code.

Removed an additional button press after the game end (won or lost).

Please re-download.

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wow, cool new feature. thanks for the update :relaxed: