Numpad emulation


Hi, so I’m really hyped about the Arduboy and I just wanted to know if its possible to emulate the keyboard numpad.

(Scott) #2

Can you clarify what you would like to do?

The Arduboy can be made to appear as a USB keyboard or mouse when attached to a USB host port on a PC or other device. For example:


What I want to do is make the Arduboy an keyboard and then use the d-pad on the Arduboy as numpad keys and so my question was if you could “output” numpad keys.

(Boti Kis) #4

Do you want a virtual keyboard on the arduboy where you can move a cursor with the arrow keys or do you want to map the directional buttons to numpad keys?


I want to map the directional buttons to the numpad

(Pharap) #6

There’s this:

Which is an easy to use wrapper around Arduino’s Keyboard library.