O.Y.G.D - kinda like bomberman I guess?

Hey everyone!
I put together a little game I like to call “Oh, You’re Gunna Die” (or O.Y.G.D)…
I guess you could say it’s one of those ‘quick death addictive’ kind of games.

It’s somewhat like Bomberman in a way, but with a few twists:

  • your bombs don’t kill you, and they don’t kill the baddies… they only remove spiked crates.
  • touching a spiked crate or a baddie will kill you.
  • you have to plant your bombs in ‘just the right place’ for them to work.
  • you only get 3 bombs per level, so use them well and use them wisely.
  • you only get 10 seconds to reach the door safely.
  • basically… don’t touch anything or you’ll die.

Here’s a video:

Here’s the source (for now, until I get around to making the git repo public):


OH! before I forget, you’ll need the Arduboy2 library… or, if/when it gets put up on the Arduboy Manager app, install it that way easily :slight_smile:

git repo:

@crait someone is calling you :wink:

Told you I liked the game :slight_smile: and it wasn’t a lie !

Also promised some tips. Not coding tips, but gameplay tips.

  • why not have 3 enemies
  • why not have an enemy go up-down
  • add places you can’t bomb
  • try different themes (all tiles in the room have a different look)
  • pixel-art is your style so no comment on that, but you might look at inverting the numbers

good suggestions! will implement for next round :slight_smile:

It’s really hard to control and the hitboxes seem weird. I keep dying. Speaking of dying, sometimes when you spawn, the space you spawn at can kill you if a spike happens to spawn there, too.

Other than that, I have it uploaded to my Arduboy Manager.

Hahahah - It’s supppppoooosed to kill you easily… With some practice you get better. I can get up to level 16 :slight_smile:

But yes, occasionally the respawn happens when a baddie is in the same spot and it’s insta-death, but meh. I DID only spend like 2 hours on it hahahaha

Oh, spikes will never spawn where you respawn, only baddies can if they are passing through the respawn spot :slight_smile: I’ll fix that for next version

Awesome game but my arduboy hasn’t arrived yet and the vid does not work for me😭

hey all - i made some updates - latest version is always on github :slight_smile:


  • more backgrounds and spike types
  • added a vertical baddie
  • added un-bombable blocks
  • drop a bomb with b, explode it with a (use to be timed, but now you
    have control)
  • randomized door position
  • added easy mode
  • added sound on/off
  • adjusted hit areas

made some more updates, sort of a big deal :slight_smile:


  • baddies will never insta-kill you upon respawn
  • baby mode (4 steps at a time, grid overlay, 5 bombs and 12s)
  • easy mode (4 steps at a time, 3 bombs and 10s)
  • hard mode (2 steps at a time, 2 bombs and 8s)
  • key mode (2 steps at a time, 8 bombs, 16s, but you need to get a key before getting to the door)

On title screen, press B to change game mode between baby/easy/hard/key, and press A to toggle sound. Press any D-Pad button to begin the game

Github of course:

and it’ll probably get pushed to the Arduboy Manager as well (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gdmcvittie/O.Y.G.D/master/O.Y.G.D.ino.arduino_leonardo.hex)

here’s a new video (made a link this time, looks like the forum doesn’t like the video directly in a post or something) - bear with my crappy playing, i’m playing through the viewfinder haha:
video preview


Cool game nice work😀