OBS (One Button Shooter)

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OBS (One Button Shooter)

Graphics   @vampirics
Code         @filmote

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Your ship has been damaged by some space debris. The steering is broken and you cannot navigate. You discover that by firing the laser you can steer …sort of! Avoid the asteroids and enemy ships and fly home.

Not to be confused with IBS, OBS picks up where 1nvader left off! Play with just one button and one button only.

On the High Score screen press and hold the ‘B’ button to clear the High Scores.




Got an Arduboy FX?

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Looks great! Excited to try this!!
…Should it work in the emulator?

I wondered that too. Works as long as you don’t press A or Z on the splash screen

Not too sure why you are wondering that… its not an FX game, its just that we added it to the our ppot cart.

When you press A or Z on the splash screen in the emulator it crashes that’s why I wondered.

I wasn’t sugesting it had anything to do with FX. The emulator still has bugs that causes the emulator to crash sometimes


Does it still crash if you open it in a new tab rather than using the version embedded in the forum?

The embeded emulator boxes never work for me for some reason, so I always open in a new tab, and so far I haven’t been able to make it crash, so I’m not sure what you and @acedent are experiencing.


Just tried and it doesn’t crash. Interesting…

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It works for me …sometimes. Other times it just freezes.

I wonder if the fact that it uses PlayTunes has something to do with it?

Weird. Yes- the embedded emulator crashes. Running a ‘full’ version in the browser works fine. BTW @filmote @FManga the running emulator is showing the first of the 3 LEDS (Tx/Rx cluster) as constantly lit red…?

Wow! What a fun and addictive little shooter! Challenging enough to keep you coming back for more punishment! :sweat_smile: Wish we could have some power-ups to restore the shield, or even destructible meteors?.. or perhaps I just need to get better at playing :wink:
Stunning presentation again. Congrats @Vampirics @filmote.

:milky_way: :rocket: :zap: :comet: :space_invader:

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It worked for me in the emulator. Only had time for a round, but I love it :slight_smile:
Started to get the hang of it, and there’s some tight maneuvering and timing that comes in to play.

Looks great too :+1:

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It crashes in embedded emulator on the community, click the link in the bottom right, to play it on the emulator full screen then it will work. There is some strange memory handling bug in chrome when running javascript through an iframe.

This game is hilarious! 1 button shmup. When I was reading the intro text though I kinda thought it was gonna be like an asteroids game where the ship was just spinning randomly and firing it moved around.

This is probably more easier to control. These asteroids are hard to avoid, not sure what you are supposed to do if you get pinched between them? smash buttons fast?

Damage control! Try to get as less damaged as you can. By design we limited it to 2 bullets on screen so you can’t just mash the button quickly to go straight :wink:

Game concept came to me when wanting to come up with a playable game for the Thumby.


I have uploaded a version without sounds. I am wondering if it is the use of Playtunes that is causing the problem.

I wonder if this is ArduboyPlaytunes related.

From the Playtune repo …

ArduboyPlaytune uses timer 1, which is also used for PWM on the pins used for the Arduboy’s RGB LED. Using ArduboyPlaytune and attempting to control the RGB LED using PWM, such as with setRGBled() , may cause problems. Controlling the RGB LED using standard digital I/O, such as with digitalWriteRGB() , will work without conflicts.

I originally was using Tones but swapped to PlayTunes and @Vampirics pointed out that the LED was playing up (I had forgotten that I could not use setRGBled() and this was causing problems. The only time I was using the LED was when you hold down ‘B’ to reset the high scores however when I swapped to Playtunes I ditched the LED altogether.

Chrome? Who uses Chrome :slight_smile:

I am having problems with FireFox as well.

Runs smoothly for me in Firefox, couldn’t get it to crash at all, got carried away shooting and avoiding asteroids. The big ones can’t be destroyed, right?

None of the asteroids can be destroyed.

I wonder if me taking out Playtunes helped? I was able to get it to work in Firefox sometimes - other times it would crash.

Yes. No problems now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Now that you have played it a little more, are these still wish items? It would make the game play longer but that is not always a good thing. Short, sharp, sweet.

Same Here. No lockups (also using firefox)

That’s kind of odd behavior, what would playtunes library in specific cause an issue with the emulator being in iframes?

Is it how it’s trying to generate the sound? Or memory problems? Could it be related to the rgb led bug that the hardware has that… in software it propagates by crashing the embedded emulator??? :thinking:

Good question.

The strange thing in my testing is that sometimes it would work properly and other times it would freeze. It just wasn’t consistent.