Octopus Game&Watch

Octopus.hex (77.1 KB)


This is my first game for Arduboy, Octopus!!!


I didn’t try the game yet but it looks good. The game doesn’t run on the emulator for some reasons.

Just a positive feedback, I’d try to not use the real name and game and watch trademark name if possible. While Nintendo might not notice an Arduboy game, we never know.

I can play on the emulator.

Fantastic job …and it looks so close to the original!

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thank you!

Really great! Runs very smooth.
Could you maybe add a mute option?

yes the next version will include the ability to turn off the sounds


Nice, are you agree for a port of your game on another console ? (with a thanks screen of course) If you agree, i’ll port it on the META (another arduino based console)

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OK it’s fine for me


Thanks. I’ll have to works a few. I’ll report when it’s will be done :wink:

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How will you port it? @Roby hasn’t published the source code yet.

later I publish the code


I’d like to suggest Ardupus or Octoboy as potential names should a name change be necessary.

Why do most people want Ardu or boy in game names? Could be just Tentacles or Treasure Guardian, anything really. Even the game name isn’t that much problematic, but the use of Mario and Game and watch name almost verbatim might tickles Nintendo a bit.


Cheesy convention. Anyway if the big N were to go after the game it would be much more likely for the very close design of the sprites to the original display artwork (since the original didn’t have sprites per-se). Realistically I highly doubt they’d even know or bother though.

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Yes, yes, no code yet but as Roby is agree, i was sure he’ll share it when he’ll be ready :wink:


I posted the source code


Thanks Roby :wink:


Because it’s coooooool :metal:

Also what would attract the attention of the all mighty N it would actually be saying it’s name in a forum. This is how lawyers comb the web to find areas of possible copyright infringement.

All that aside though it looks really awesome. This one’s definitely going in my collection of favorite Arduboy games.

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Thanks for the game. I like this game for casual playing. Simple, but addictive and interesting. It has a lot of thrill being only possible to go left or right. Nice. Thanks. I remember always Zelda when I think of Game and Watch, by the way. It was such a nice game.

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