Oculus Go VR game (now also on Rift)

Hello everyone!
This summer I worked with another dev to bring to life a “full mobility” First Person Shooter on the “mobile” plateform Oculus Go!

If you own an Oculus Go (or a GearVR, although we haven’t really tested it) then you can grab this for FREE :slight_smile:

Anyway, I hope that you guys enjoy it! I am also working on a new VR game for Oculus, but it’s too early to talk about it :slight_smile:


Looks great. What toolset does the Oculus use?

We used the Oculus SDK in Unity - it’s the same SDK for Go, Gear and Rift…

Very cool! I love the graphics! Why is the weapon of higher resolution than the rest of the world, though?

Good catch - it didn’t looked good at the same resolution, it felt very very blocky and since it’s constantly within your camera field, it felt weird… it’s still a pretty low resolution though, so you still see the pixels

Once you hit 40 everything beyond arms length looks lower res.


LOL … so true. 

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Arduboy VR is possible just flip these around


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LOL, sorry by i have to say it :smiley:

Maybe the next gadget in the Arduboy repertoire should just be a pair of SSD1036s embedded in a pair of glasses, with a slightly more upmarket CPU.

“Arudgoggles - 1bit VR”.


A year later, Theta Legion VR is now available for the Oculus Rift.
The game has been seriously improved since then: refined graphics and effects, many more levels, larger areas, more weapons, more enemies, etc…

It’s been exhausting, but I’m happy it’s now live:

Trailer: https://youtu.be/wlZkXBM0XHc
Website: http://www.garage-collective.com/thetaLegion/


Now that makes me want to get an occulus quest… Prices are still make my me wait though… But congrats on the game release! It looks really nice!

I think you need to work with @jhhoward to port catacombs of the damned for vr. :smiley:

@bateske I 've actually started my new project, still in VR, and very much “catacombs-ish” :slight_smile:


Actually I’m already working on a VR game with some similarities to one of my other Arduboy games :wink:

@luxregina congratulations on the rift launch! I will have to check it out!

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No I mean literally 1 bit