Off-Topic Section?

I’d love to hear more about people’s others projects and what they do for a living and whatever. :open_mouth:

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Check out the #general section! Or if you are a “Regular Member” then you are able to visit the #lounge :smiley:

Both of these sections are great for more general discussions.

The idea of a board dedicated to other people’s projects is an idea worth thinking about. Any suggestions for names of this board?

I thought that was a general Arduboy section and not a general section since it’s under Arduboy.

There is the actual #arduboy section, which can be used as a place for general discussion around Arduboy. The #general category is outside of the the #arduboy category, so feel free to use it for discussion outside Arduboy.

Ohh, wow. My apologies! I must have missed that.

No apologies needed from anyone who groks the intended use of the #meta category :wink:

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I’m thinking about making an 8 bit synthesizer keychain.

I also like backpacking in my “spare” time, and would love to make a product for the outdoors. :slight_smile:


I’ll tell you all my backpacking ideas when we’re back from Nepal :wink:

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have you seen the goTenna? I have a few, great for backpacking!

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I have seen gotenna, seems like it would be useful with a large group of people who really like to bring their cell phones camping! :slight_smile: I would be more interested in a product like gotenna if it could somehow bridge to bigger networks somehow… Or be compatible with other systems? I don’t know seems like I’d just rather use a walkie talkie in that situation, but the sending of GPS coords seems to be pretty nice. Just don’t get lost. :slight_smile: