Oil Panic V1.0

OilPanic.hex (78.6 KB)

Inspired by yet another Game and Watch, PPOT presents Oil Panic.

Catch all the oil before it sets the shop on fire!

Graphics          @vampirics
Code                @filmote
Testing              Jessica

Source       Source Code
Hex            Hex File
Emulator    Project ABE Emulator

Sound can be toggled on and off from the title screen using the Up and Down buttons.
Scores can be reset by pressing and holding the Left and Right buttons for a few seconds.







Can any of you smart cookies tell me why my Project ABE link doesn’t work? I followed the same process that I have done for other games but this one for some reason doesn’t work.

Great. Well done (again). Very good idea to have the mini to view where you can empty the oil and i like the view by the windows to see oil from the first screen when you’re out. The timing is fine too. I like too much your adapations. Thanks again for your team @Vampirics and @filmote.

Thanks @Jean-Charles_Lebeau … I wasn’t sure of the best way to allow you to view the other half of the dual screen. It worked out well!

Did you watch the instructions?

I hadn’t watch instructions, i have done now. It was easy to play without but i have seen now and it’s very easy to understand (and nice)

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Vampirics has made an excellent splash screen for this game.

You may have noticed a little theme going on here!


It’s sooo good! Awesome work!! :oil_drum::fire:


Oil panic was my first handheld electronic game and is still a firm favourite of mine. This version is remarkably accurate. I think it’s fantastic.
When playing the original there are two control buttons (l & r) that sit comfortably under one’s thumbs. I think if it was possible to use the Aduboy’s l&b to control the character it would feel even more true to the original.
Well done on yet another superb game, keep up the good work!

Another favourite game of mine from yesteryear is Cloud Master (aka Chuka Taisen). Maybe one day you could tackle an Arduboy version. :grin::crossed_fingers:

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The game play and graphics are nicely done. I especially like the “radar” screen you have to see where your catcher is. However, I feel that there needs to be better key handling in the high score entry screen… I found it too easy to move over two spaces or to jump past the letter I wanted in the alphabet.

Your wish is my command! I have updated the hex to do this.

Thank you!

I am unfamiliar with that game. I have had a quick look - looks great! Maybe one day we can port it.

Of course the original game was a dual screen G+W so you could see the catcher all the time. Did you also notice that you can see the oil drops falling inside through the window when you stand outside?

I have posted a new version of the code that reduces the sensitivity of the buttons. Hope this helps!

I just tried this version, and the “B” button works to move right to catch oil, but doesn’t work for dumping oil off the right side.

Entering text on the scoreboard does seem better now.

Seems to work for me :slight_smile: now

Thank you so much! You’ve made it even better.

Is it just my machine or is the option to turn sound on gone with the latest hex?

That would be brilliant, I think it would look great on Arduboy. :ok_hand:

I think its your machine. I refreshed the links just in case.

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Thanks, I redownloaded the hex, used Arby Utility and I now have sound :+1:

I’m pulling my hair out now however, I’m desperate to play the game but now the chap with the bucket has disappeared!

I’ve downloaded the hex several more times to no avail. Sorry to be a pain - any suggestions?

I tried building the current source and got code too large errors with sound turned on using Arduino 1.8.13.

OK … I am not sure why yours doesn’t have a catcher - mine does!

I have rebuilt the HEX again and tested it on my own Arduboy. It is working for me. I have refreshed the top post. Can you please try again???

Mine does too now. I think it was something to do with the Arby Utility I was using to send the hex file to the Arduboy. I redownloaded the hex numerous times and the catcher was AWOL every time.
This morning I downloaded the hex to my PC and used that to load the hex and the catcher is now very much there (Trying his hardest to avoid catching any oil :laughing:)

Thanks for your help with this - I appreciate it.

Also, thanks again for this game; it’s truly superb!

I am glad it is sorted. I was really scratching my head as to what the problem could be.

Glad you like it :slight_smile:


I’m having the attached .hex rejected by @eried’s https://github.com/eried/ArduboyUploader on my Windows system – I get a red “ERR” message before it’s even tried to talk to the device. Other hex files are working.