Oil Panic V1.0

I’ve been playing this over and over and comparing it with the Arduboy, and so far I’m just not getting a mental match.

@unwiredben we have a winner … just to make it hard, I picked up the bass portion!

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Espectacular. Muy buen trabajo. Me encanta.

Felicidades por su trabajo

After a little translating, thank you! Gracias.

Its also one of my favorite G&W games of all time. Helped probably by the fact that being able to play it is extremely difficult. you’d need to crunch the sprites quite a bit but it seems pretty doable imo.

It could be done as I have done here with Oil Panic … scrolling from top to bottom as needed. If the top portion is rarely used, then it works even better!

The top portion is only used as an inventory (and progress indicator of how many triforce pieces you have) and when you fight the level boss (a dragon) so the transition seems quite simple enough. You can probably do it in a very similar way to fire panic indeed maybe even smooth it out a bit since the dragon boss fight can be a biit button mashey.

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just installed fx chip on my arduboy and started playing oil panic. luv the graphics!

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Thanks … @Vampirics did most of them but I did the buildings!