[OLD] Arduboy Manager (PC)


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Arduboy Manager Site: http://www.crait.net/arduboy/
Direct Download: http://www.crait.net/arduboy/pc.php


Visit the Arduboy Manager website, here: http://www.crait.net/arduboy/
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After connecting the first time, will it run offline with whatever it picked up from the server?

Or does it need the server connection every time it goes to load the Arduboy?

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Yes! It remembers the data and can recall it later on, even if you are offline. The only time it erases the data is when it is automatically updating the games to a newer version.

will there be a version for mac…

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Hey Crait : )

Thanks for the awesome release.

Most users will be hesitant about installing an executable, so I ran an online virus scanner on your program; this usually let’s people know that what they are installing is not malicious.

##Arduboy Manager.exe - Virus Scan Report
1 flag for malicious code: HEUR/QVM03.0.0000.Malware.Gen

This flag is most likely a false positive, it is likely a result of the program being compiled in Visual Studio.

This might be a problem for some users, and is definitely something to fix. The following Stackoverflow post may offer a solution.

Arduboy does try to be open-source first, but enjoys seeing all releases.

A big benefit of open-source is the ability to audit a program. This is for both security and operation, to ensure a program will not behave in a way we don’t expect it to. Also, it’s easy for a user like me to go in and submit some code as a fix to a problem like a false positive on a virus scanner that you can merge into your product; it can really speed up production.

I’ll leave the download link in place for now, I doubt this is malicious.

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Great job!
simple interface. click and install. very easy!

All users don’t need complie environment.
Only Programmer, They should install it.

Today, I stay at a hotel. I want to back home.
grrrr. can’t wait! :joy:

I used this tool… good response!
I recommand this tool.

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Superb !
So quick and easy to use!
It managed to launch a couple of games I couldn’t run before as well.
The way you can click on the games links and go to their websites is neat as well.
Fanboat and the Tiny games are missing pictures but the rest are good.
It would be nice with a scaled up picture and another useful feature would be if it auto uploaded any hex that you dragged and dropped on the window.
Otherwise perfect!

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Yes!! It actually is like 99% complete. :stuck_out_tongue: I have been rigorously testing pushing data to the Arduboy to make it as safe as possible. As soon as I’m confident that it’s safe, I’ll release it the same way as the PC version. :smiley:

Yes, it is a false positive, but should be a quick fix. I think it’s because this version has debugging enabled. Turning that off should get rid of the false-positive.

I don’t want this to become an open-source project because I see it having a definite end whenever I put a little more work into it. It’s supposed to be simple and self-contained. With that being said, I’ll be glad to let you or another moderate audit the source code for anything suspicious. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve got nothing to hide. This software is ad-free, malware-free, and safe.

Thanks, guys!

I’m working on getting pics for all the games as well as including more games. As for uploading a .hex file, dropping it into the window would be a great idea. For now, though, you can always use the File > Import feature to include it on the list, along with any metadata you want. :slight_smile:

A virus scan suggests otherwise : P It’s an easy fix though. The conversation is more about a shared executable passing simple virus checks as a standard for release, and not open-source. That’s just one way to get the problem fixed, however you choose to do it is up to you.

The best thing that has happened to/for the Arduboy since it’s release. This program should be recommended by @Bateske as official companion software for the Arduboy. It’s that good! Works perfectly well and is incredibly simple to use. Can’t recommend it highly enough! Well done!

Would it be possible to host all the other games on your server/repo/whatever it’s called? You’d probably need permission from the developers I’d imagine, but if your application could be the go-to place for all of the Arduboy’s available software, the application will become absolutely essential!

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Wow! That is one of the biggest complements I have ever received! :slight_smile: I really appreciate the kind words!

A lot of people release their software on the forums under some kind of freeware license. Regardless if that license would allow me to upload their game to the repo, I always get permission before hosting any other programmer’s work. I have contacted many developers but only heard back from a few. The ones that I’ve heard back from, I’ve uploaded their games. With that being said, if you know of a game that you want uploaded to my repo, bug some developers to check their inbox! :stuck_out_tongue: With that being said, there is also another person working on their own game loader for Android and decided to use my repo. :slight_smile: Making this the go-to place for Arduboy games is my goal. :heart:


Ok, i got my arduboy today and it was totally worth the wait. I just down loaded the manager, but when i plug in my arduboy nothing happens. When i go tobopen up the arduboy manager, i get this error. Whatd i do wrong??

Edit: ok, got the error to go away by downloading the .net v4 from microsoft, but now my arduboy isnt being recognized by the program or my computer

What version of Windows are you running? It looks like you’re running Vista or 7. You basically need to update Windows to use the application. The .NET Framework v4.0.3 came out around 2012, so it should be installed on most people’s computers, already. To manually install the required updates, download the .NET Framework v4.5 installer and run it. It shouldn’t take long at all to install. Let me know if this works out for you!

.NET Framework v4.5: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653

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Thanks. Yep, windows 7. I figured that part out and installed it already. (i dont use thus computer much. Its a 2009 laptop)

The program opens, but my computer doesnt recognize the arduboy when i plug it in. Ive made sure the arduboy is on and ive tried wit 2 different data cables

Check out your Device Manager. It should be under your Ports section as an Arduino Leonardo. Do you see it listed there?

The most common issues people have seem to be either a) wrong type of cable, b) the Arduboy isn’t powered on, or c) the USB port is bad.

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Yep, its there now.

Opening the arduboy manager now shows that arduboy is connected. Weird. I need to get a new computer.

So now i should just be able to select a file and hit transfer correct?

Yep! That’s all you gotta do!

Hahaha! Yeah, it may be time to upgrade. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Awesome man!!! Star honor installed with no problem. Now off to play some new games. Thanks for your help. And good job with the manager. Im sure if my computer and i were both a bit more capable, id have been able to do this without help.

And cant wait to play your rpg/ adventure game. Still pumped about it

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Hi there! Just got my Arduboy today and I have downloaded your software. I’ve got the Arduboy connected and turned on, but the Arduboy Manager is not detecting the system at all. Taking a look at your previous advice in this thread, I’ve made sure to look at my connected devices, and here’s what I’m seeing:

Basically, it recognizes that the Arduboy is there, but just shows up as a plain USB serial device under the device manager. Any advice you could give to help the Arduboy Manager recognize my Arduboy?

That’s odd! It must be a Windows-related issue if Device Manager isn’t showing it properly. I’ve never seen this before.

Here’s a few questions:

  • What version of Windows are you running? A screenshot of this window may help.
  • Can you double-check with another cable? Sometimes cables can be unreliable or break over time.
  • What kind of USB port are you using? 2.0? 3.0? 1.1? I’ve heard of USB ports not having proper drivers installed, leading to USB devices not working properly.