[OLD] Arduboy Manager (PC)

Sure thing! I’m running Windows 10, and here’s a screenshot of the properties window for that:

I’ve tried a couple of different cables, but to no avail. I’ve got a fresh one coming in a day that I will try as well. The cables have been plugged into USB 2.0 and a 3.0 port on this computer, and both are showing the same. The device list is showing Arduino Leonardo, but the Device Manager shows a USB serial device.

Wow, you know…I feel so silly. Crait, I may have been a bit overzealous and neglected to unpack my Arduino software. Thus, I didn’t have the Arduino driver. It’s good to go now, my apologies for this little wild goose chase!

Hello, I’m having the same issue you detailed in your posts above but haven’t been able to solve it myself. You mentioned unpacking your Arduino software. Did you mean unzipping the download folder for the Arduboy Manager or is there another driver I need? I appreciate the help!

Hey, thanks for the update, @andawarmgeek! Do you mind explaining how you fixed this problem so we can get @GameLifter and others caught up? :smiley:

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Not at all! I had previously downloaded the Arduino software from arduino.cc - make sure you download the Windows executable or ZIP, whichever you prefer - and, without realizing it, I had not installed it yet! So I installed the program. This got me the Arduino Leonardo device driver, so Windows was able to pick up my device in the device manager. After that, the Arduboy Manager works great and I am loving it!

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For anyone getting the issues that @GameLifter and @andawarmgeek had, please check out this link on installing drivers for the Arduboy:


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Thanks for this. Easy way to get started with loading games on Arduboy without having to worry about details like ide and library version numbers or any complicated setup process.

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The exact reason I created this. :wink:

Holy crap! For a self described dummy when it comes to this stuff, I can’t stress enough how much I love this. It makes things as easy as I wanted it to be from the get go. Thanks so much!

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Adding the driver worked! The Arduboy Manager is working perfectly now. Great job and thanks for the help!

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Is there any way to use this with Team ARG games? I’ve been having issues with the IDE.


Team ARG has asked that their games not be hosted for my Arduboy Manager. :cry: HOWEVER, you can import any .hex file into Arduboy Manager using File > Import, then browse for the .hex file. Since your IDE is not working, you may not be able to compile the code into the .hex file. Maybe @JO3RI can help by including the .hex file in their downloads? :slight_smile:

It’s understandable if they want to have control over how their games are distributed.

I don’t get errors when I compile the code in the IDE but when I upload the sketches. I’ll try to compile the code to a hex and see if I have more luck with the manager than the IDE for uploading.

Are you using IDE 1.6.10 or higher ?

Yes I’ve tried different versions but all of them at least 1.6.10

Than you don’t have a problem with arduino IDE, but with:

  • or your cable
  • or you have loaded a game that has issues


  • other cable
  • reset trick for uploading

nice idea hope you will add all games from the community here!

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I would love something like a gamehub on the Arduboy where you can select a few minigames like Minesweeper, Tetris and Pong for example. Would that be possible? Or is there not enough free space on the Arduboy?

Is the mac version available? Would be nice to have a faster way to try out new games.

@crait I have been checking your site for a few weeks to see if it was ready yet :slight_smile:

Sorry! I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but there was a big issue that I’ve run into when developing the macOS version. I don’t want to release something unless I know it’s very safe. Because the USB protocol in macOS is shotty, it may be unsafe in its current state. The fix for this issue may be an OS update from Apple, but I’m researching this problem and talking to people who are better programmers than me to figure this out. Thanks for the interest! I’m trying my best to get the macOS version out as soon as I can. I’ll try to post more updates about the macOS version on my Twitter account.

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