[Old] Running Arduboy games on an UNO or other 328p based board

No. The UNO is based on an ATmega328P. The Arduboy uses an ATmega32u4. There would be a fair amount of work to port the Arduboy2 library.

The only library (partially) ported to the ATmega328P, that I know of, is a version of the original Arduboy library that I did a while back.


I forgot about the use of assembly.

I know of a version of Arduboy2 that doesn’t use assembly though.

It’s not just assembly. As a matter of fact, the assembly should be almost fully compatible between the two processors.

It’s the differing peripherals. Also, the fact that the 328 has 512 bytes less RAM can be an issue for some sketches.

That’s what I meant by

No, I meant the peripherals on-board the microprocessor. The timers, ADC inputs, etc.
The bottom line is that it’s more than just reassigning the pins, and @Mr.Blinky’s changes don’t cover the UNO.

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Ah, fair enough.

TL;DR: Nope, sorry. You’ll need to do a number of changes.
If you start a thread about it and list your specs (board, screen, pinout etc) then you might be able to get some advice on how to alter the library.

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