Oled display for arduboy

i want to make an arduboy , is it possible by using SSD1309 1.54inch , pls help me tell me

Yes you can. Make sure you get a version that has a SPI interface.

You can use the Homemade package to build sketches using an SSD1309 display directly and upload and patch existing hex files to use the SSD1309 display.

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why these coding?, now ,is it possible to directly upload the arduboy game from arduino ide . or otherwise i have to do some other stuff for my oled

My understanding is that the Arduboy uses the SSD1306 controller not the 1309 - hence you will need to use the package @Mr.Blinky mentions.

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One of the commands of the original OLED display (SSD1306) in Arduboy is not supported on the SSD1309. This unsupported command causes the left and right display halves to be swapped. To use the SSD1309 display this command needs to be removed for proper operation.

When you install the Homemade package in the Arduino IDE you can easily select SSD1309 display from the tools menu and then upload your sketch.

If you want to use pre compiled sketches (hex files) they need to be patched. This can be done on the fly with my python uploader script.


ok . where i will get pcb package for oled ssd1309 .i couldnt find it

I’m not sure what your asking.

Where to find the Homemade package? just click here

Where to find SSD1309 display PCB modules ? these on Ebay have a reasonable price $14 for 1.54" size, $19 for 2.42" size

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i want to create pcb for my oled ssd1309 ,i am using 1.54inch ssd1309 (24pins) oled display . there is no oled package (pcb footprint and schematic) available for my oled. how to design , anyother option is there , from where i can download

@Mr.Blinky I think that being what he’s saying…

I mean, WOW. But it’s okay.
I will say, try to locate one of those boards on your favorite on-line shopping place.
You need a “driver board” to drive the display with the current 24 pins it have.
BUT, none of us can do MICROSOLDERING, can we?
There are driver boards with those handy plugs on it, but…heck.
And we don’t even know if it is a 5V display or a 3.3V display yet!
I am afraid you just wasted some money…
You see, when we talk about “the oled”, we don’t mean the bare SCREEN! We mean the screen PLUS the board behind it (the driver board).
@filmote any ideas?

That is the closest to what I can find

I bet he bought something like this:

Ah I see. You only have a display without the PCB.

Have you tried contacting the seller? Often they can email you the documentation and schematics.

You could also try asking this seller for documentation about that PCB or buy one.

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Always (try) to buy complete boards, i know it’s a pain in the b*tt to get one afterwards.
I thinks it wil be cheaper/faster/less of a hassle to get a complete screen than to find (or create) a board.

These are nice, and not to expensive:
SDD1309 1.54"

Yes the 1.54" OLED displays prices have dropped. You can now buy them for under $10 including shipping from aliexpress.

Even this screens are getting affordable :smiley:

SDD1309 2.42"

Prices are fluctuating a bit i got mine for €12/$13.50

It’s a breakout board that’s missing. Not a driver board.

There’s already a driver chip, that is the 1306 attached to the cable and it can drive the OLEDs just fine. It’s hidden behind a black flap because a strong flash/sunlight can crash the chip.

There are no drivers on the boards. They’re just breakout boards that have the necessary capacitors (6), one resistor, and are usually hard-wired to one mode (4 wire SPI, 3 wire SPI, I2C, 8080 bus, or 6800 bus), bonus features a convenient 5V to 3.3V regulator.

The OLED driver (1306) is that golden rectangle under the (broken) glass. (Photo stolen from this very forum)

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Always make your own footprints and symbols from datasheets. It usually takes the same amount of time as finding a library, makes you a better designer and you know for sure the board is designed for the parts you have datasheets for.

I always make my own footprints (Ok that is a lie, sometimes I use other footprints and then have problems because my parts don’t fit)

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