Omega Chase (WIP)

Hello everyone, I’ve been lurking on the board for a couple of months and finally started working on a version of Omega Race for Arduboy named Omega Chase. I should have it finished in a couple of weeks. I still need to finish the command ships and death ships that pursue and fire back as well as add levels. Here’s what I’ve got so far. I’ll add it to Github and share it here when it’s completed.



Is it ‘Chace’ or ‘Chase’?

Its Chase - unless he is using the Old English version in the title and the current version in the description!

Carl Williams was a very famous gangster in Melbourne although no longer with us.

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The titlescreen also says Chace, so I’m wondering if it’s an intentional mispelling, as people sometimes do for reasons like copyright, searchability, or just to be ‘edgy’/‘cool’/whatever-the-kids-say-these-days.

Actually, it’s not Old English… (Useless trivia inbound.)

The word chase is actually from Old French ‘chacer’, imported via Anglo-Norman. It was in Middle English as ‘chacen’, but too modern an import for Old English. The Old English equivalent is ‘oht’.

“The more you know. ☆”

It was an intentional misspelling in the title to make it similar to Omega Race - Omega Chace. Should I change it to Chase? What do you guys think?

I did not get the reference myself but now that you point it out … ha leave it as is.

If you didn’t get the reference then I’ll assume that most others won’t as well. It only took 5 minutes to change it. It got me thinking about a restaurant near me that is named “Korner Kitchen” and that misspelling always bothers me LOL.



Karl … Carl? Sorry, couldn’t help myself :slight_smile:

Carls’ Corner Citchen

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Spelling it with a “C” seems diminutive hahaha

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That might have to be my second game :slight_smile:


I loved Omega Race! Great choice! I remember it was the premiere ported game for the Commodore VIC-20.
Looking forward to seeing the final version.

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Game over font would be cooler more like title…