Omega Horizon - a Neo Retro Game

(Michael) #1

Here is our fifth game for the Arduboy.

The planet of Turnax has extensive mineral deposits of high value to the Interplanetary Allied Confederation (IPAC). Recent unanticipated attacks by primative species have proven damaging to mining operations. Your mission is to eliminate the primitive hierarchy in minimal time.



Game is available for download at


  • V1.3 changed how sound status is handled

(Erwin) #2

Link does not work, neither the download in your website

(Pedro) #3

Same for me.The game looks great!

(Michael) #4

sorry, had to switch servers this morning. The link should work now.

(Erwin) #5

Great, works now. I also added it to my repo

(Michael) #6

Thanks for adding it to your repo.

(Scott) #7

The Download button links to the .arduboy file, not the source, and the Upload to Arduboy link is broken.

(Michael) #8

Sorry, I plan on releasing the source code later today after i do a little more clean up.

The Upload to Arduboy button uses the arduboy protocol and the Arduboy Uploader to upload the game directly to an Arduboy from my website made by @ereid. I’ll recheck the link when i get home this evening.

(Erwin) #9

Thanks for embracing the future HAHAHA :stuck_out_tongue: BUT… the uploader did not support arduboy: links pointing to an arduboy file (only hex was supported) so you went too far into the future.

But luckily new version (0.9.3 or newer) does support your links:

(Scott R) #10

Nice this is an awesome looking game thanks for sharing.

(Michael) #11

I believe the ability to upload to the Arduboy from the browser is the perfect solution.
I thought I verified that it worked uploading an .arduboy file, guess not.

(Michael) #12

Thanks, hope you enjoy playing it.

(Erwin) #13

Now it does. Seems like your server is quite slow though. Maybe I should add another animation for “retrieving file”.

Very nice platformer by the way! I just miss some sound effects (like shooting or getting hurt etc)

(Michael) #14

Thanks, unfortunately space is a premium. Since we wanted the world to be as big as we could sound effects took a back seat. I’m sure i’ll find a way to optimize it better for the sequel.

(Erwin) #15

When you post the source we can take a look and help

The game is pretty hard. And my memory is bad, so I think I need to draw a map :smiley: that boss with 6 cannons destroyed me :stuck_out_tongue:

(Michael) #16

There is a basic map on the website for those that need it.

Karame is tricky to beat if you didn’t collect all of the power ups scattered across the map.
Two Energy tanks that add 100 life each
Two weapon upgrades that increase the damage you do.
One power suit upgrade that reduces damage from enemies.
With all 5 upgrades Karame is easy to beat.


Game looks great, but I do not have a PC and cannot upload arduboy files. Is there a way to extract the hex file from an arduboy file using a MAC or can you post the source?

(Michael) #18

Thanks, I just posted the source file on my website for those who want to look through the source code and or do not have a windows computer.


Works great - many thanks!

(Michael) #20

You’re welcome, hope you enjoy the game.