Omega Horizon - a Neo Retro Game

(Scott) #21

The suggestions I made regarding sound control for Leanna the Lion apply to this game, as well

(Michael) #22

My mistake, i’ll fix it asap.

(Erwin) #23

When I kill the blob sometimes the key does not appear and I stay trapped in the room.

Also, the intro text says Planeet instead of Planet after you die once.

(Michael) #24

Thanks for playing the game. I’ll look into these bugs when i get a chance

(Christopher Cale) #25

Anyone know how to deal with the little blobs that fall from the ceiling? Can’t catch the little blighters and then I get stuck in the room just constantly bouncing on them.

(Michael) #26

You should be able to outrun the slimes and then turn and shoot them.
They fall from the ceiling just before you are under them, when they start to fall quickly back up and turn around to shoot and kill them.

(Michael) #27

FYI… Work has started on Omega Horizon 2.

(Sunny) #28

excellent! thank you

(Jonathan) #29

This was a great little Metroidvania. Bite sized at a 22 minute completion time, but every minute of that was as fun as those on more powerful platforms.

Finding a complete experience of this quality has really inspired me to make an Arduboy game of my own. Though man, that 32k limit is killer.

(Michael) #30

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed playing the game.

Making a fun game in 32kb May be challenging but completely possible and fun.

(Cameron Mulder) #31

I just found out about this game the other week and just finished the game. Fantastic, amazing what you were able to do with the Arduboy. Can’t wait for the sequel!

(Michael) #32

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. Unfortunately, Omega Horizon 2 has been put on indefinite hold since i lost my world designer.

(Nicole Birgel) #33

:cry: Oh, sad to hear this…

(Sam) #34

What happed to dunjen it looked so cool. I would love Omega Horizon 2.

(Cameron Mulder) #35

Sad, well look forward to whatever you release next and hope a new world designer pops up.

(Michael) #36

Technically DUNJEN currently runs on the Arduboy, Tiny Arcade and Pokitto. Still have a few bugs to work out before i can release it. Omega Horizon 2 will need to wait until I can find a some help unfortunately.

(Michael) #37

One can hope, until then i will continue to work on some new games.